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  1. That band is insane man, isn’t this guy in it too
  2. Don’t get me wrong, not getting shipping info in this day and age is absurd and really tweaked me today myself, and I’ve definitely made a point of listening to new Radiohead albums in the best possible circumstances too, but arbitrarily waiting a month to listen to a new record by your favorite artist for some ritualistic thing like that is weird. Just download it and go on a hike or something. Buying the record and unboxing it and all that shit isn’t really going to add *that* much to it, it just seems like a weird exercise in consumerism.
  3. Why the fuck do half of them do weird shit like this: what’s with the fuckin rituals? I don’t understand waiting a month+ to listen to an album you really want to hear because you have this weird “special” first listening experience with buying a record and all this shit. Just listen to the damn music.
  4. I’m not really super interested in any unreleased songs at this point tbh, especially anything that would’ve been out around Kid A. Maybe Follow Me Around I guess but I can’t even remember anything else we would’ve known of by then, that we haven’t already gotten. That is, unless they have some very high quality takes of songs we’ve never heard of before.
  5. The record is supposed to be in stores as of tomorrow right? Wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets their hands on one a day early.
  6. lol I don’t know if we can shit on the subreddit for inkybrown
  7. One of the official minidisc covers lists Dogwander as being one of the things on that particular disc, I can’t remember which one
  8. I know in Ed’s diary for Kid A, there’s a handful of entries about them getting super fucked up while recording that.
  9. Idk, they just toured their most recent album for three years in a row. If that’s not a priority for them, then I don’t know what is.
  10. I think they’re finally becoming self aware
  11. Kind of an annoying request, but is there anyway someone could upload the official release files? I missed the cutoff Friday and I wanted to have the versions with all the metadata and minidisc covers and all that.
  12. man it’s a sound they’ve used like one other time in their whole career, the answer why that would be seems pretty obvious to me. this is a pretty dumb and pointless thing to argue about anyway, whatever.
  13. While we’re talking this anyway, I kind of wonder why they shared Spectre when they did and didn’t also share Man of War at the same time. They were both rejected from the same movie, and it seems like by then they were pretty confident it wasn’t going to make an album anymore given they were willing to use it in a rando Bond movie in 2015. It couldn’t have been because they thought it might be good for AMSP because it would have been nearly finished by then, if not entirely complete already.
  14. I mean no I can’t because the only 2 songs that feature piano from all of the OK Computer/OKNOTOK tracks are only Karma Police and Man of War, but what’s more likely, some convoluted explanation about how they wanted the pianos to sound cheesy for a Bond film so they went out of their way to make it sound exactly like it did on a record from 20 years ago? or that they just recorded both piano parts around the same sessions, explaining why they sound exactly alike? That seems like a simpler and more likely explanation to me.
  15. I mean in terms of their production style, there absolutely is such a thing as a 1996 piano sound. Listen to that track and compare how it sounds to Karma Police and they’re basically identical. It’s super trebley and recorded (or at least played) in a way where you hear sort of the plunking sound of the piano strings being struck as it’s played. They haven’t really recorded their piano parts like that at all since OK Computer, they’ve always produced it with a much fuller, deeper sound compared to OKC and as it sounds on Man of War. As to why they’d do this, who knows. Maybe they just li
  16. The Man of War recording sounded like a mix of old and new recordings. The vocals were obviously new as were the strings because they were credited to the same recording location as the rest of AMSP, if I’m remembering correctly. The piano at the very least though was definitely recorded back during the OKC sessions, it sounds almost like it was ripped directly from Karma Police. They don’t really record their piano bits with that kind of sound anymore.
  17. I really doubt they’ll end up doing an anniversary thing for HTTT. It’s not really seen as a like a major landmark of their career. After Kid A/Amnesiac, I feel they’ll probably do one for In Rainbows, and then any kind of archive stuff they release after that will probably just be some kind of general Radiohead anthology. Once they’re long retired and everything.
  18. Pitchfork’s review just went up, 8.3 BNM. I was completely not expecting that at all lol, that is by far and away their highest score for a Thom solo record. They are completely back in the tank for Radiohead again since AMSP.
  19. Nice, they almost nailed it as good as inkybrown
  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/c3vjie/for_those_of_you_that_havent_listened_to_dawn/ what is with that fucking place and sonic the hedgehog?
  21. I honestly can’t remember. I feel like I recall them saying it might be something like that around the same time that Rolling Stone article happened in the middle of the AMSP tour and they said they were considering a “guitar, bass, and drums” record, but I might’ve imagined it entirely.
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