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  1. OKNOTOK was announced on May 2nd and released on June 23rd
  2. Why the fuck is everyone on reddit always on the verge of tears? I do not understand that shit at all. And it's not just the radiohead sub either.
  3. Member before the plague when Radiohead used to release music?
  4. My first show was ATL 2001, and I was 21 at the time haha. Just turned 40 back in Nov. Fuck I just realized I've been posting on atease for 20 years...
  5. There was another song, I can't remember which one it was... but there was a part where like the backup singers were like "ahhhhhhhhhh" you know, and all the lights in the arena came on, like bright ass white! And roger was standing there with his hands up in the air with a bright ass spotlight on him. I felt like I was on one of those TV evangelical megachurch things it was the weirdest shit.
  6. Imagine being a young fan on reddit and having not seen the band live, and your first live experience is... going to an Ed solo show! 😄 It reminds me of when I was a huge Pink Floyd fan in college and I tried to satiate my desire to see them live by excitedly going to a Roger Waters show, and quickly realizing during the show after seeing the left-handed upside-down guitar playing David Gilmour wannabe Roger had in his band, that I had made a critical error.
  7. Has there been any more hints that this is coming? Or are we all just assuming? How far in advance did they announce the OKC thing?
  8. sigh... when did our fanbase become so lame? Radiohead fans used to be the coolest fans. 😄 discomfort and shame. SHAME!
  9. I do miss radiohead rocking out. Full Stop is the only sort of up beat rock song theyve put out since IR right, unless I'm forgetting something
  10. This board has to get fixed because I just can't do reddit
  11. I totally agree, that's what I've wanted as long as I can remember wanting an anniversary release. The ultimate special edition box set whatever for that could be pretty amazing.
  12. What, you've never had that thought before?
  13. Two days before the day after tomorrow?! That's today!
  14. Man... I need some new Radiohead. I 'member when we got a new one every 2-3 years. Fucking lazy assholes.
  15. No. You're gonna chat here and you are gonna tell us everything!
  16. Honestly though, Atease pre-2003 crash was the best Atease.
  17. Was it ever anything other than nonsense from this forum? I always just assumed it was bs
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