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  1. i hardly remember policeman but i remember the username and i definitely remember seeing the word "ventilators" on the old board. i remember some of those joke-ish accounts... "green day rules", anyone? And though i know the "ventilators" thing isn't the same thing, but it reminded me that there were a few "censored" words that got automatically replaced when you typed them. "webcast" became "fapfest". "slipknot" became "********". i can't remember too many others.
  2. I joined in 2003. I had been going to atease (the site, not the message board) for a couple of years at that point, and in March 2003 there was a news post that said something to the effect of: "hail to thief has leaked. we will not post a link here but if you check the message board you'll probably find it". So i signed up. I remember finding the HTTT leak (the unmastered one, yes) on some ftp site. I remember there was a folder in there called "HULK MAKE FOLDER", which made me laugh. This was because there was a user called Hulk, who always communicated in this style. I assume he made that folder. I don't remember too much more as it was 17 years ago, but reminiscing is fun. Oh, one other thing I remember... one of the first topics (maybe THE first topic) i posted was my observation that the spines of the RH albums (as in, the part you can see if you have them on a shelf) so far had alternated between black and white, from Pablo Honey to Amnesiac, and I predicted the next album would have a black spine, which it did, but then I stopped paying attention. when i read reddit sites of various bands i see the same kinds of posts and think, no matter how much things change, some things always stay the same.
  3. Because I'm stuck in the 90s (or thereabouts), I still have my CD copy of the 2+2=5 single. Can confirm it is the same demo Duff linked to on citizeninsane.
  4. oh right. i forgot about that. it was on one of the HTTT b-sides. i didn't think that demo was so good, but then again i haven't listened to it in over a decade. i should give it another listen.
  5. you've probably already heard this, but in case you haven't, one song from those three CDs was released way back when - a demo of Where I End and You Begin:
  6. I get what you're saying, and I guess ultimately it comes down to opinion. i agree with everything from your first paragraph except the subjective part ("i don't feel like they push themselves as hard as they could.."). personally I do think they push themselves and they toil quite a bit. I feel like that care they put into their music shows up in the result. it's obviously got a lot to do with personal taste. i like to bask in sounds that i enjoy. i think Beach House does too, even if it lasts over a few albums. they have grown significantly as you trace them through the years/albums. they just move more slowly, not too quick to move on to the next thing, but move they do. i enjoy that because i like to explore the things i like as deeply as i can. the gradual change is a good pace for my taste. not sure if it's actually relevant what their own opinion is, since art is so subjective, but the band themselves do talk about the work they put into their music, and it makes sense to me. this interview is really worth a read, and so is this quote (from a p4k interview): As for Nirvana, some good points in this thread. i was only trying to say that a band having the same sound for most of their songs doesn't mean it's not good. i do think Nirvana would have changed significantly had Kurt Cobain lived longer. At the same time, I know that's not really what we're talking about at present. Perhaps Bach is a better analogy, and i certainly wasn't trying to criticize him (not sure if above posts are joking or what). His fugues are some of the best music to have ever been written, and the fact that he created so many means there's a large world for us to explore there. There's a lot to learn from studying and listening to them. And regarding Scatterbrain.... cool. i loved it since the first time i heard it in 2002 from the bootlegs of the "road testing" tour in Spain and Portugal. I got to hear it live once, in 2003 in Toronto 🙂 Also, I was amazed with Daydreaming the first time I heard it but it didn't fully click until I heard it live (Toronto 2018!). On a related note, to come back to the topic of Beach House for a moment: their music didn't fully click with me until I saw them live. I'd definitely encourage you to go see them if you get a chance.
  7. I don't think artistic integrity and having varied sound are the same thing. In my opinion Beach House are one of the most artistic acts out there right now. their instrumentation is usually very sparse, which creates a lot of space in the music. the kinds of spaces they create are beautiful. a lot of people criticize them for always using the same kind of instrumentation: drum machine loop, keys, some decorative guitar, etc., but if that's their medium then that's their medium. i respect that. no one ever criticizes Nirvana for arranging all their songs with distorted power-chord guitars, drums, and bass, or Bach for writing so many fugues that sound "the same". i feel like Beach House has created their own sound, their own genre, and they are free to explore it as deeply as they want. i love pretty much all of it, and to me there are huge differences between their songs when you listen to the small details. if you like some of their stuff i would encourage you to listen more closely. and i don't mean that in a condescending way; i genuinely think you might find something in there that you didn't notice before. Side note: Scatterbrain has always been one of my absolute favourite RH songs, so in some senses maybe our tastes are similar! or maybe you used to love that song but your taste changed. oh i don't know. this post is getting too long.
  8. no, that was a different show in another city.
  9. I see what you're saying. That's true. It certainly wasn't the instant classic that Lucky was. I was fortunate enough to be at one of those 2006 shows when they did play it (Montreal) and it was pretty exciting to hear that one live. But yeah, Lucky is pretty awesome. Incidentally, I just listened to OKC for the first time in ages (maybe a year?) the other day and particularly enjoyed Lucky 🙂
  10. I actually really liked I Want None of This when it came out. I remember that it reminded me of Neil Young's "Soldier" when I first heard it. I also remember thinking it had a bit of a haunted house vibe, which, yes, We Suck Young Blood also has. Down is the New Up, too (which, of course, came later). I was excited to think the whole next album might have that feel. It didn't. But In Rainbows was pretty good nonetheless.
  11. Manager: Hey Thom, do you want that charity song from 2005 on this streaming platform? [Manager shows Spotify to Thom, Thom browses through Spotify for a moment] Thom: I want none of "I Want None of This" on this.
  12. no idea where the audio is from, but there's a video of the full Toronto 2 show on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-QApsXuEIE (multi-cam, and even has audio for the parts with no video)
  13. i'm not. just keeping my eyes peeled.
  14. personally i went to the Toronto shows, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for those.
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