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  1. Not that I should need to say this twice, because it really goes without saying; I'm not on the Radiohead Main Forum to discuss Biden. Radiohead is more relevant to my immediate circumstance, along with the well-being of this fan community.
  2. I feel guilty saying this, because I know that these thoughts consume you, but if I were to give an example of cohesion, I'm talking specifically about the expected and constructive format of a discussion forum. E.g. You address a topic, you stay on topic, you do not hijack other threads, and you do not spam. Do not assume that other people are disinterested. There is an etiquette to getting a point across.
  3. Or in the case of a remote radiohead forum without an active admin, we simply become immune to the constant bombardment. Rather than bringing down a wall, at least for the people that stay, it becomes a noise that we are all desensitised to.
  4. The prerequisite to a conversation is not "wokeness" - that's just you proving to us that you are unable to get your point across without bombarding people with information, expecting them to read every line and suddenly adopt your stance on the topic. This tactic isn't going to work. There is no cohesion to the message either.
  5. There are people who believe the earth is flat. There are also people that believe we came from Mars. Most of these textual splurges exist within social media bubbles that people use to unhealthily discharge their imaginative delusions, fear, hate and paranoia. There is a pattern developing and the patrons of this nigh-on extinct forum are worried about your mental health. Your points about Biden are simply lost in the aether. Meaningful discussions are more impactful than spam. You also mentioned that you are unimportant, but it really depends on what you are trying to achieve. Wast
  6. I visit here maybe once every few months. Not sure if these posts are real or what, because I know there are a lot of forum scripts that are designed to spam in similar ways. If it's real, then yeah I support what booger is saying. Best of luck to you Purple Dress, there is more to life than a dead forum my friend. Look after yourself, smell the fresh air and stay away from technology for as long as you need.
  7. Aha, a meme and a double entendre! The language of the internet is perhaps the most complex of them all.
  8. This is a more natural pose with relaxed facial muscles and how I look if you were to glance at me from across the street
  9. I normally record with a paper bag over my head. I only have plastic bags left and didn't want to suffocate
  10. There are people out there that think Radiohead fans are pretentious. There are also people out there that would buy a Coldplay album over a Radiohead album. On this forum, for the most part, we are here because of a band we love. If I share something, it is for the same reason. Also, that video was actually intended as a Father's day gift, and not my original reason for creating this post. To clarify 1) The MINIDISC remaster is only going out to people who request it by contacting me personally and prove that they have purchased the original album from bandcamp. 2) I reall
  11. Lovely post booger. What was your chosen poison for consumption?
  12. There's always someone that prefers to spend their time complaining.
  13. I wanted to try and finish a version of Maybe This is Love. Not using the original audio though, but by attempting a faithful cover with some improvisation and a loop pedal. Can someone please help me with the lyrics? What on earth is Thom singing? I managed this transcribe this during a heightened state of analytical confuzzlement. Maybe this is not the reason This is not the answer so Maybe just get it back Just like a melody line Nobody else can solve your eyes Maybe this is alright You're just going to look to the end Someone's got [cuts out] a way to get back
  14. For me it depends on the time of day. Disc 15 Lift is a more powerful kick for a morning/day-time drive. Disc 16 Lift is better for late eve/night.
  15. Disc 2 from the leak. I'm working backwards from the official release and haven't got to re-doing that one yet.
  16. Bandcamp FLAC files. It has been EQ corrected. I didn't initially see any frequencies to suggest high-pitched ringing, but I will double check the frequency analyser. You're likely hearing Thom's voice vibrating against the microphone/recorder. When I master I normally do graph first to achieve a good baseline, then a hearing test afterwards because our ears can focus on really weird nuances sometimes.
  17. So far the only frustrating thing to fix has been the farting drums on CUTW on MD122. Boom... Brrp! Lots of manual digital click removal.
  18. Quite happy with this one lads. Tomorrow Night In Paris with no crackles or crap. ++++ removed due to copyright infringement +++
  19. Another snippet of the work in progress. MD122 is very rough round the edges. Apply a little TLC and it is shaping it up to be listenable at high volumes Before https://instaud.io/3Ofi After https://instaud.io/3Ofj
  20. Adobe Audition mainly, and a few Waves plugins.
  21. So I got a bit distracted and decided to improvise over one of Thom's ditties
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