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  1. Is that confirmed anywhere? It's approximately the same length, but wouldn't they mention that it is a live track in the title? I really hope it's not just a live take.
  2. If it ends up sounding like anything from MPIE, it will be slower and with some really quirky/twangy guitar work. So far their old releases have been magnificent. Lift and Nude from the MINIDISCS release were gold.
  3. Got word that they decided to include my Follow Me Around remix as part of their official release. Just kidding, I have no idea what it will sound like. Undoubtedly a million times better than my minimal effort.
  4. Not that I should need to say this twice, because it really goes without saying; I'm not on the Radiohead Main Forum to discuss Biden. Radiohead is more relevant to my immediate circumstance, along with the well-being of this fan community.
  5. I feel guilty saying this, because I know that these thoughts consume you, but if I were to give an example of cohesion, I'm talking specifically about the expected and constructive format of a discussion forum. E.g. You address a topic, you stay on topic, you do not hijack other threads, and you do not spam. Do not assume that other people are disinterested. There is an etiquette to getting a point across.
  6. Or in the case of a remote radiohead forum without an active admin, we simply become immune to the constant bombardment. Rather than bringing down a wall, at least for the people that stay, it becomes a noise that we are all desensitised to.
  7. The prerequisite to a conversation is not "wokeness" - that's just you proving to us that you are unable to get your point across without bombarding people with information, expecting them to read every line and suddenly adopt your stance on the topic. This tactic isn't going to work. There is no cohesion to the message either.
  8. There are people who believe the earth is flat. There are also people that believe we came from Mars. Most of these textual splurges exist within social media bubbles that people use to unhealthily discharge their imaginative delusions, fear, hate and paranoia. There is a pattern developing and the patrons of this nigh-on extinct forum are worried about your mental health. Your points about Biden are simply lost in the aether. Meaningful discussions are more impactful than spam. You also mentioned that you are unimportant, but it really depends on what you are trying to achieve. Wasting time on a radiohead forum posting off-topic opinions about Biden: definitely unimportant.
  9. Aha, a meme and a double entendre! The language of the internet is perhaps the most complex of them all.
  10. This is a more natural pose with relaxed facial muscles and how I look if you were to glance at me from across the street
  11. I normally record with a paper bag over my head. I only have plastic bags left and didn't want to suffocate
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