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  1. Best solo album for sure.
  2. Listened a few times. The back half of “Twist” is gorgeous. Love “Dawn Chorus” but my favorite is probably “Runwayaway.” “I Am a Very Rude Person” jams.
  3. Anybody gonna check this out in IMAX? Tickets are free, apparently. https://www.imax.com/news/thom-yorke-music-video-directed-by-paul-thomas-anderson-coming-to-select-imax-theatres Looks like only some reservation links are live...
  4. I went for the indie exclusive version. Rolling the savings over to KIDANOTAKID KIDADIK KIDAMNESIAC KIDB KIDDIEPOOL.
  5. What’s up with the ops over at Radiohub? I got perma banned the first time I connected (via ShakesPeer ‘cause I’m on a Mac) because I didn’t have a nickname specified? Anything I can do or is that that?
  6. http://www.on-a-friday.com/MiniDiscs-Hacked/ These are good but it’s only the first 7 discs so far.
  7. I feel like I’ve see this movie before.
  8. Dude on Steve Hoffman forum seems to think it's called "Mistake," FWIW.
  9. Was just listening to this again and totally agree. I think Take 2 Take 3 is my favorite.
  10. What do we make of the fact that the minidiscs are labeled 111-128?
  11. This Year’s Model Imperial Bedroom Blood & Chocolate King of America Armed Forces ...now back on topic.
  12. Cool, thanks for the info. If they did release it in conjunction with the OKNOTOK box then I totally missed it... Speaking of live cuts, you gotta love the version of Electioneering on Disc 14. That shit smokes.
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