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  1. Ed's confirmed on IG that this won't happen. Probably waiting for next year or not at all.
  2. Would like it as well, if possible
  3. As someone who has gone through most of the interviews Ed has done for this rollout, he hasn't. There's been no complaints. He said that usually the band doesn't request or intrude on solo material out of respect (ie. people in the band didn't hear ANIMA until release unless they specifically asked to [which only Jonny did]). He said Colin wanted to hear Brasil early because he was on the track and that Philip wanted to hear the entire album and was very enthusiastic. He said the distance and the lack of seeking approval meant there was less compromise in his final product. Certain posters on here with their fervent desire to look too far into band member's personalities is just bizarre. Let Ed do his thing.
  4. Yeah but that's why you make two regular members mods and then just hope they clean up everything for you so you don't have to deal with it lol
  5. Thom confirmed Radiohead's reunion in a recent interview. He said he looks forward to them coming together after doing all this extensive solo work to see what new things they brought to the table.
  6. Several people also have it on Instagram. Waiting patiently for L&G.
  7. I know people irl who are real fans with that opinion. I disagree with them but there are actual fans not on r/radiohead that say that kind of thing
  8. It honestly still could have been that. Knowing them, they could have morphed it into something else entirely.
  9. Yeah, I get why some people aren't digging this but I am not one of those people
  10. Including the MPS from MD114 when both of the ones on MD112 are superior in every way? wtf
  11. It's funny to see Thom and Jonny be like "it's not very interesting" and then Thom puts out the Suspiria Unreleased Material on streaming services.
  12. It was on RadioHub. His vocals on Nose Grows Some especially are fantastic.
  13. So like...legitimately...why was the version of Lift on here not the one they put on OKNOTOK?
  14. His vocals on the St. Louis show/recording are better than several of the studio recordings imo
  15. Pretty sure the music video is Thom-LP3 related. And I'm so happy that we're finally getting something
  16. Anyone able to pm me? I missed all this while on vacation
  17. Bacon


    Wait, who does booger think I am? lmao I want to know I recently joined the site, I was never on the old AtEase, and I have done nothing to appear "trolling" other than your perception of this one time I post. Literally very time I think he keeps getting more ridiculous, he tops it.
  18. Bacon


    You really keep digging yourself into a hole, don't you booger?
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