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  1. yeah, he posted it yesterday - also on TTD.
  2. yeah, uber cool - it's in a couple of shares on the hub by now. edit: AND on TTD
  3. thank you!!! can you seed the video somewhere as well? so great!
  4. I knew one just like that. And he got desperate and wouldn't stop talking.. and talking.. and talking.... lol eventually everyone got tired and left.
  5. right - little content lots of trolling. Good (very) old days.
  6. You know what's fascinating about this 'new' place? All that slow and painful growth that happened over the past 10 years - all erased in a crash and we witness a complete reversal to infancy. it does sound shockingly 2006 ? I'm wondering if it catches up quickly or all meaningful contributors and users who actually inhabited Multimedia thread by the end of old atease just quit and this effort here will drown in its own shit.
  7. hey there. Yeah, I passed on to to the taper your messages. In fact the whole conversation. We agreed that leaving that matter alone would be the most reasonable course of action on your part. At which point, I will excuse myself from any further discussion of this 'personal become public' 'remaster'. Let me re-iterate one more time: there are several tapes in the pipeline, that are very much being looked forward to, as they should ;) - and dragging this simple matter out does nothing to accelerate their release.
  8. those folders/subfolders open, you know....
  9. wanted to hold off announcing it but sure whatever.... lol
  10. there was a bit of a connectivity issue of the most recent versions not connecting well to users with earlier versions - I am not sure if that was solidified - but you may want to grab the one that not the MOST recent just in case... there a bunch apparently: https://sourceforge.net/projects/eiskaltdcpp/files/Mac OS X/
  11. you may wanna switch to Eiskalt++ - I did a few years ago and am quite happy with it.
  12. yes yes... takes time especially with the tour ongoing. And catching up with stuff immediately thereafter.
  13. feels like old atease is back lol
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