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  1. honestly I think it's a total lock that we get some shows/live stuff on the Public Library, but maybe even some more epeherma as well. actually very stoked about this game though, definitely looks like a successor to Polyfauna.
  2. I would honestly be surprised if we didn't get live stuff from this era on the Public Library as a lead-up to the release or something of that nature.
  3. the true travesty here is that we get neither ED'S SCARY SONG nor JONNY'S SCOTT WALKER SONG
  4. I mean this kinda checks out... that comes out of nowhere, played for the first time since like 1997 with another member of Radiohead and not just Thom solo, and the version they did that they reference in the diary says it was long and had a drum machine vibe, that kinda seems like it could be the case. But yeah, in regards to this whole thing, it honestly seems like the focus was on the art this time around, with that 360 page book, and the Thom and Stanley book.
  5. nah Reddit is fawning over this and everyone's posting their 300 pound purchases there
  6. also in b4 we hear follow me around and everyone's pissed because they ruined it in studio absolutely no way that song will live up to the mountains of hype it's accrued over the last 20+ years
  7. i joined that discord for all of 10 minutes once and was like "wowwwwwww nope"
  8. I disliked the OKC remaster so I'm fine with them not remastering these. They still sound great as is.
  9. a few of them are on the deluxe cassette edition, but not all of them lol, missing Fog and Worrywort 😐
  10. This seems fake. No b-sides? No LIAGH? Like Spinning Plates is on the unreleased songs disc and not the original album?The cover art is lazy as fuck... yeah idk, this seems fishy to me.
  11. I dunno, I mean... finally getting releases of fucking FOLLOW ME AROUND and Say the Word, not to mention some other curiosities, and collecting the b-sides on vinyl? Hell, I'm good with that. I've wanted those b-sides all in one place for years. I think we got spoiled with the mini-disc leak... but honestly 35+ minutes of unreleased shit is pretty cool.
  12. 3 times on piano on the AFP tour at the Echoplex, The Orpheum and the Fox Theatre, 3 times by Radiohead full band on the 2012 tour in Dallas, Austin City Limits, and Mexico City
  13. Wow, I haven't seen that in a while and sincerely remembered that as an only acoustic soundcheck...
  14. They've definitely done at least some recording, we have reports of people who recorded brass for the album, specifically the tuba player from Sons of Kemet who said he had a blast recording with Jonny Greenwood... while ostensibly that could be soundtrack stuff, the fact that he's in Tom Skinner's band seems like it's 99% likely to be The Smile.
  15. the brand new arrangement done by thom and jonny in italy in 2017 makes me think it could be in the running for the Smile... telling that we've never heard a full band attempt by Radiohead even in soundchecks...
  16. People were even speculating before The Smile broadcast that they'd do FMA. I think the new version would be a pretty good fit for The Smile to be honest.
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