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  1. nah i think it's more of a band launch thing, I wouldn't expect the album for a bit yet
  2. Interesting, seems the band doesn't have the multitracks for Treefingers... "No multitracks existed for this song..." https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/spotlights/creating-kid-a-mnesia-an-exclusive-look-at-radiohead-s-new-virtual-exhibit
  3. a lot of the time it seems like just good old fashioned laziness
  4. I think a digital release in early February is likely, but a physical release is going to be a looooong way off. Probably late Summer or Fall with how vinyl turnaround is these days, and that's being optimistic.
  5. first will have some really cool, anxious energy to it though
  6. Wow, those drums sound amazing. Tom's a great player, and that's a really new drum sound for Nigel, not nearly as dry and clinical as it usually is. Great song, and really looking forward to this record.
  7. It's from Reddit yeah. Got most of the alternate versions of songs and some neat curiosities/live stuff. Pretty nice compilation of things.
  8. i mean, we've basically had an entire file dump of the whole program at this point, i'm pretty confident in saying there's nothing hidden there
  9. DUSTY to DUSTING DUSTY SEINFELD idk trying to fill the gap here
  10. man this shit is sounding great really wasn't expecting the vibe of Free in the Knowledge, love that this record is seemingly all over the place.
  11. Oh whoaaaa, true alternate versions of these songs? Different vocal takes? Fuck yeah, downloading this ASAP.
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