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  1. i have gotten many thousands of hours of entertainment and knowledge from reddit over the years, but one of the most unforgivable things of all time is the death of the message board reddit is so impersonal. when you have a message board you can get a feel for the people and really carve out a place in the discussion. on reddit you have to hope your thoughts and insights push through the 50 other comments about how people were able to refill their Aquafina bottle with tears after repeated listenings of "Dawn Chorus" in the back room of the grocery store they work at between classes.
  2. small spider was crawling right above my pillow tonight. i'm scared. i'm scared. i'm sleeping on the couch tonight. i know spiders are our friends but just the way the move around makes me uncomfortable. i have some in every corner of my room but i'm fine with them being there as long as they don't invade my space. i wouldn't dare kill them, but this one seems too big for the pill bottle. i feel so violated but i don't want to cause unnecessary suffering to the spider because i know its just trying to live life.
  3. people today can't handle it. if the reddit crowd saw you welcome someone like that, they'd scream toxic and then go back to crying over some shitty lyric thom yorke wrote.
  4. don't mind him. he tells everyone he meets to fuck off and die. i didn't listen to your recording, but i'm sure it's very good and nobody can take that away from you.
  5. i honestly have not listened to radiohead in probably 3 years but i like to be here because you all have good vibes
  6. holy shit it was just some hair. i feel like i just dodged a major bullet.
  7. i have to use the restroom. this is literally the moment i've been fearing for the past 6 hours. i'm going in.
  8. i literally don't know what i'm going to do. i haven't set foot in my bathroom since. i might walk across the street to the gas station and shower in the sinks for the time being. i'm such a pussy 😕
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