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  1. He damaged it right before then. During the Aussie leg of the 04 tour. The Melbourne show you can hear him crack and lose his voice terribly. They had to cut an encore and cancel the following show.
  2. Could be they just borrowed some gear since Radiohead aren't using it?
  3. Yeah it sounds either slower or pitched down for sure.
  4. All that digging through the archives and maybe they ended up thinking it all just sounded really bad and reminded them of a strained time within the band and decided not to do anything with it.
  5. Yeah, sorry I should have mentioned it was 720. That's what was shared on DIME. Still, it looks good.
  6. Sure! Thanks for syncing them up!
  7. Here's the BBC version: https://mega.nz/file/Ez4XTBjb#7iYZJad-RXef0QNaE3xDwjG2CuTWDqWJQxk2aMi3sRQ And here's the Library version: https://mega.nz/file/V34zzAJR#VxPsAeJy4MCVOpXd8YYzRLsnQoXUhvNR1P2PPXBHxP8
  8. Yeah I’ll try and upload it here in the next few hours.
  9. Someone ripped it and posted it on DIME. The video quality is much better than what’s on the RH public library. But the sound quality is inferior.
  10. No it was several weeks in advance, maybe a month or so iirc.
  11. I thought the Neil Young Song was 4 Minute Warning. I suppose they both can be. edit: indeed after reviewing Ed’s diary, Neil Young Song and Bombers are the same song.
  12. Try these then:
  13. I think it's soundofconfusion.no-ip.org
  14. I’d love it as well. I thought I had it on a drive somewhere. But can’t find it. Many thanks!
  15. He says nothing about any live Radiohead shows in that interview.
  16. even though i know everyone knows about this already and just isn't posting on this wasteland of a fan site, I figured i'd start a thread. favorite gems so far? the tel aviv show is pretty incredible and all the old webcasts from 2000 and 2002.
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