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  1. Just after this he says that this exhibition became the KID A MNESIA exhibition software that is coming..!! it seemed interesting before, but also potentially more of a lark. Now it is close to confirmed that is basically the minidiscs of Stanley and Thom's artwork, and, if the in-person exhibit was going to be so large, i would think there will be plenty of recordings somewhere within too.
  2. i would guess that the recordings that will appear in the exhibit world are ones that would be best presented that way rather than as tracks to click and listen!! i read on one of the pages that the exhibit is a digital/analogue universe, which may or may not mean that it is a large environment, so if the recordings play in specific locations, there could be quite a few in there!
  3. Nigel had mentioned last year that they were considering using the public library for some of the material; whether they will actually do it would be hard to tell!! it would be a bit of a simple puzzle; to release some sort of recordings archive before the album set and books would take quite a lot of the attention!!
  4. Yes; whoever the multi troll accounts are, their familiarity with the mellow nature of atease is fleeting at best! it is either "appearcomposed" who suspiciously stopped posting and these accounts took over, or some equivalent situation. thankfully the ignore list options are very easy in this version of the board!!
  5. I think your explorations recently with both playing concerts and making a record with limited rehearsal and recording time is something that would interest them!! After all, it is not only something that has been brushed aside by non-jazz performing and recording groups, but also, over-rehearsing seems to prevail across all sorts of jazz ones as well! I suppose "if people are fortunate enough to be able to gig or do a session they do need to be prepared" is rational, but, your recent work to me at least really proves that there are times when the necessary preparation to allow a balance between the unknown aspects of the art is to definitively limit some of the preparations. i think this is one example that we have, although it is not clear how much it was or wasn't rehearsed; it certainly feels closer to having been just played through a few times, and it has aged really sweetly!!
  6. Purple Dress, i have wondered about the timing of the release and how they would not want it to be distracting whatsoever and i agree! Seemingly, the actual anniversary date might be just early enough! And, what we can guess at this point could happen is: the release of some amont of retrospective audiovisual elements onto the library, which would not be any more distracting than the 20th anniversary itself!! it would be of positive interest to many people, but it would not result in sustained media attention!
  7. I am pleasantly and totally surprised, and thankful that you were able to bring everyone into the studio just in time for that to have still been possible, and make this project even more complete than it already had been through the live gigs and their respective recordings! i finally have a record player that is up to standard in gneral, and is having a headphone jack which i have always wanted, so this is very welcome timing!!
  8. Yes; as of now it feels like there may or may not be an the idea to sort of duplicate the sudden appearance of all of the minidiscs but on their own terms, using the library to do so, possibly not with all of what they have found but just what makes the most sense in that format! For that i am not sure there would need to be any announcement, or if it would be exactly on October 2nd or just sometime near then!
  9. !! Surprised to realize that today it is only two months until the actual anniversary date! one possibility is that there will be no information until then that day everything they are planning to add to the library will be there! But i sort of think something would happen before then?
  10. There was an interview with Nigel about Ultraista this springtime where he was describing that the Public Library is a place that some of the KID A material will appear; He didn't say whether that meant visual or audio, as they have also gathered lots of art and writings from the creation period over time! I think where the OKNOTOK cassette is there now, they may choose this time to have the session and archival material be free to hear. As far as a new physical disc of some sort, there may be several totally unheard full studio songs, and a few alternate versions of songs to complete it!! essentially the third of three albums made from the sessions that revealed itself to them when revisiting!!
  11. i didn't fully realize all this time, since 2017 basically, how well Morning Bell Amnesiac bodes for whatever this project turns out to be!! i feel like there may be many complete recordings relating to KID A that were not included on Amnesiac or the b-sides.
  12. If you use computer instruments, i should give this one to you!! It is considered by the creator to be a theremin~ondes hybrid, and it is a free download: Their website is temporarily down but i can send you a link to the file i have!
  13. https://www.sendspace.com/file/lj6jqm I remembered this song today and set about adding an additional instrument, not the actual one but an emulation, it is a good sound for this song as it connects to the beautiful ebb and flow of the original recording; i am glad to have tried!
  14. Thank you for bringing this here, i really am glad to hear it!! There is a lot to love, especially the painting with chords and instruments changing in either ear sort of like ballet or theater!! I am not sure at all what it will be like, but, i will try to make one as well!
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