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  1. I will listen just for you Zane.
  2. What was your old user name?
  3. I’m very confused by this weird Ash-like mashup post
  4. Ughhhhhh Being bothered by this makes me feel so fucking old, haha
  5. TL!!!! Please tell me it’s really you. Quick, say something about trump....
  6. Well now I’m just expecting someone with the handle blackswan to show up and start being a little bitch...
  7. Uh, why does Nigel even claim to know so much about the songs that HE DIDN’T WRITE made by a band HE’S NOT IN? and clapping back at Wikipedia, really?! How old is he? 16?
  8. Yes! John frusciante (sp?) is by far the best thing to ever come from rhcp. “Shadows collide with people” is an absolute classic album. His work is basically rhcp without the ego of Anthony keidis, so good.
  9. Well I just asked around and nobody has heard anything new about the possibility of an Australian tour. So maybe they decided against it. i still wont lose hope until we are well into November. Everyone is busy right now so maybe they just haven’t had the time to finalize dates. Fingers crossed.
  10. No. I’m not. I’m just not telling you exactly what a few members are doing. I’m just trying to respect their privacy.
  11. Seriously shut up. I know a lot more than I’m telling and I’m 1000% sure you are lying. Also, nobody books a studio for 8 weeks straight. I’m not a musician. I’ve never recorded in a studio.... I still know that what you are saying is stupid and never happens. Also, get a fucking life. K, Bai. ?‍♀️ P.S. here’s a hint: as far as I know, @Duff was right about a schedule conflict with Nigel per the post below. Unless plans changed since early September, Jonny and Nigel both had other commitments during this break.
  12. Absolute bullshit. And if Radiohead is doing anything new, it’s not getting recorded in the studio and/or we won’t hear about it till at least November. I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one who knows this info. I get that people may not want to share information, but can they stop with the misinformation? Who are they even trolling at this point? There is literally nobody here
  13. Instead of getting a beer, he got a depression motivated neck tattoo. Sad. But also hilarious.
  14. I keep hearing different things from different people. Don’t know who their sources are, but they have provided pretty reliable info to me in the past. I know this for a fact: At the end of the North American tour, some of the fans that lingered near the tour buses asked the crew whether or not they should be saving up money for a Australian tour, to which a crew member replied “you better save money quickly” and added that there will likely be a “very small” tour in January. I heard that this will be followed with an afp tour this summer
  15. We should just recruit the good ones to do all the heavy lifting around here... Like that guy who managed to decipher the qr codes from a live performance of idioteque. The amount of effort these people are willing to expend to gain the tiniest bit of radiohead knowledge is admirable, albeit pathetic.
  16. @adriaan, can you please do something about the parasites from another board who are posting hi-res images in gen chat? They are only doing it to overwhelm our board with large imbeds thinking it will eventually get us shut down by our hosting service.
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