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  1. An interesting point about live material. I have to say the live factor feels like the missing link from these compilations. We all know how interesting some of these songs were live - at the time and since - they could do something with the IMBW live album, with audio like Berlin or Warrington 2000, even the live video of Canal Plus, which had the purist setlist of only songs from these two albums.... it could almost have been "From the basement" a decade before its time, albeit with an audience. 15 or so tracks filmed by the BBC for the Jools Holland special too. The EMI re-issues had some of that on. do they think concert footage/audio is just for dumping on YouTube during lockdown? Surely it's worth more than that.
  2. Personally I think you did the right thing particularly as it was in the public domain, I wouldn't worry about other people's ability to manage their own expectations. If you'd chosen not to, someone else might have done it the next day anyway. Surely Man-O-War (Big Boots) has been "covered" by the band putting it on OKNOTOK? it was widely known as a 1998 track at the time wasn't, hence it being part of the end of meeting People Is Easy and nowhere in the 1997 minidiscs. I doubt they would take the same song out of the vault again for another re-release. Note as a related point, we know they worked on various songs that we have seen since and they could have given us a taste of the 1999-2001 versions on here, but they haven't. It suggests if a song has been released 5 or even 10 years later they are less interested in showing us the work in progress. e.g. we know in this era they worked on Bombers (4 minute warning), Innocents Civilian (the famous lost tape joke...wasn't that meant to be Sit Down Stand Up?), True Love Waits, Up on the ladder, Lift....what are are getting here is two genuinely unreleased songs and ten alternative versions / offcuts of things from this era.
  3. You asked to have this held up to scrutiny.....I'm not much of this bold LP10 prediction has come true but kudos for putting it out there.
  4. multi post. better say something else. Did anyone pick up the red indie shop-only vinyl? It seemed to be selling out in various places last night. I couldn't get on this board yesterday evening UK time, but it looks like others were posting.
  5. Indeed. It is in the main CD and vinyl packages hitting the high street and the digital download too. So it has the same status as OKNOTOK CD2, rather than the OKNOTOK demos cassette. Except it's ALL new material, to you and me. Someone was asking for the track runtimes - see here. https://www.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/pju0xy/kid_amnesiae_runtimes_total_time_3406/ Only 34 mins, does beg the question why they couldn't have included the 7 B-sides on there at least on the CD and digital versions....is it really necessary to be constrained by the length of vinyl in 2021. Anyway i am pretty happy with these sets. Would like a single deluxe set to order like for In Rainbows or AMSP rather than being asked to pick up at least one vinyl, CDs separately and then two different artwork books. And as for £60 on cassettes.....still it's up to me whether to buy it. 1000 kudos to the person that found all the CD3 track names online a few weeks ago - great detective work!
  6. Regarding the board being dead, there was a healthy amount of discussion on here for the 2018 US tour and 2019 OKC leak had loads of discussion (50+ pages). Not as much as the peaks of the past - the board vanishing for three months in 2018 wasn't helpful of course - but enough to be worth visiting. I got standing tickets to 2 US shows thanks to someone on here posting about extras. It's this quiet right now partly because it was impossible to have a sensible discussion for months due to torrents of spam, from bots and real people who were more boring than bots. I don't think having a single mod/"staff" member who doesn't have the time to visit regularly is a healthy way to run a board. if Ade can't can't spare the time anymore then fine but if he's going to keep writing the cheques I'd suggest he should at least take assistance from others when it is offered.
  7. Available on music streaming platforms near you eg Spotify and Apple Music Thom got drunk, pressed x0.5x speed and found an organ. But why?
  8. Just to add my weight to the chorus of thanks. This was becoming such a weird place to even check in on. Bring on some actual Radiohead discussion! Happy Friday!
  9. Over my dead body We don't want the loonies taking over Go to sleep and let this wash all over me walking out in a force ten gale...Blown by the wind....Power cut Disagree. Not every word of the each of these lyrics is cliched, and Scatterbrains are actually a little better than I remembered, but for the guys that gave us the dystopian nightmares and anxiety on stilts on OK Computer this is pretty uninspiring takes on the same thing. Also - you try too hard. One reply is enough.
  10. Bad lyrics are the elephant in the room of latter era Radiohead. Something people would rather not criticise? I remember someone on here slating Phil for having boring cliches in his lyrics and song titles (Don't look down, It will end in tears, Waiting for a sign) as though Radiohead haven't spewed out whole songs with cliched lyrics like Go to sleep and Scatterbrain.
  11. Yes indeed. On one of the 2006 blackboards "Bombers / Neil Young *9" had become "Bombers / 4 minute warning" https://citizeninsane.eu/music/inrainbows/4minutewarning.html
  12. The album was announced on 24th march 2003 https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/71855/radiohead-says-hail-to-the-thief The tour was announced before that, maybe 7-10 days before? So comparable with the first shows of 2016 in that we had a tour announcement, then an album announcement. Different because the album itself was not released for a few weeks though we had the rough mix and final mix leaks by the week of the May tour. I moved home from university for Easter the weekend that the tour was announced and missed it. They were playing Shepherd's Bush Empire and I missed it. I probably cried. I was so determined to make up for this I visited Atease day and night for the next 2 months until I got tickets. At the risk of sounding cheesy I would probably never have had such a long lasting interest in this board, and indeed with Radiohead, without that stressful experience. Anyway I got to go to the Manchester show - a very kind man who I never see around here anymore got 4 tickets in a resale and sold me and another boarder 1 ticket each and drove me from Oxford to Manchester and back for the show. Also bagged the first night of Shepherd's Bush (secured 24 hours before - some "returns" from eBay scoundrels that had their tickets cancelled, possibly). Ed said to MTV that they wanted to kick off tour playing some small shows playing to more of a partisan atmosphere. I remember the excitement of them playing Kid A and Subterranean Homesick Alien as unexpected oldies at the earlier shows. This was in the days when "POST TONIGHT'S SETLIST HERE" meant waiting until midnight for someone to get home and post their reactions. MTV showed an hour of Shepherd's bush night 2 though it was a really odd setup for a pro-shot - lots of fixed cameras and weird angles and people being filmed with their heads cut off IIRC. Shepherd's Bush night 1 wasn't for TV and didn't have any big surprises in its setlist, though the $2 bill show in the US had an almost identical setlist so you could say it was a warm up for that. That's probably enough waffle for now. 17 years, jeeez!
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