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  1. I am going to the 1am show. 8pm was sold out in about a microsecond.
  2. In person tickets are £77 - a real test of fanboy loyalty here, who would splurge for multiple shows?! I may try and go to one... and watch the others online.
  3. Booger - sorry I was referring to either of these compilations (perhaps the previous post was just requesting one mix). Both links are now down.
  4. Yes please would love to download the links from the previous page, or any other useful compilation of the best bits
  5. For what it's worth it was commonly discussed around the time of Hail to the Thief that I Will and Like Spinning Plates were sort of each other reversed. You may be making a new and more specific point than this that I am not following, but I just thought I'd mention that, in case you were not aware. I think I tried reversing LSP and came out with something that sounds like this but of course it's a lot clearer with just the stem. It is interesting to hear the links between these new versions too. Someone said I think that verse 1 of the "Why Us" version is the vocal melody of I will, reversed, which makes sense...they scrapped it when making LSP and then it returned "the right way around" in the following sessions.
  6. This is wonderful stuff. I've had a great time working my way through each room whilst on a long train journey with the laptop this morning. Worth having a screenshot of the map handy e.g. on your phone so you can keep track of where you've been and where you are still to visit. In advance I'd have taken another hour of out takes and probably said don't worry about the art... but the "experience" is really superb. I'm so impressed I might spend £95 on a Radiohead teapot to say thanks.
  7. Anyway seen their "Scarry" book yet? Website says mine is "paid" and "fulfilled" beneath the shipping address) but no sign of it. One other person i've spoken to has also not received it. I guess they may not have been pressed to be delivered in the same timeframe as the main release but they could make it a lot clearer. The product description on the order page actually says "fulfilled Sep 09". What is fulfilled if not "delivered to your door, sir"?
  8. Confirmed. I now have my red vinyl in hand. Details: Double sided front cover. Barcode stickers on both sides. Three slots, one in each "front cover" and another in a central slot (not the correct technical term) so four large visible panels of artwork in the case itself, plus front and back of each vinyl sleeve. No tracklisting anywhere inside apart from on the discs themselves. The credits around recording etc are on one side of the extra disc sleeve. This refers to Kid Amnesiae rather than Amnesia. Presumably an intentional but odd inconsistency. Pull / Pulk revolving titles. Kid A and Amnesiac are named as such on the vinyl with no reference to Kid Amnesia(e). Kid A and Amnesiac have sides One and Two, the extra disc (Kid Amnesiae) has sides X and Y. Smaller 7" vinyl sized labels as mentioned earlier in the thread. Will upload a picture or two if I can.
  9. Whilst there is some topical interest in old radiohead... Anyone still listening to these? I never got through all of it but I think I picked out the highlights everyone discussed. Did anyone cut away the nonsense and duplication and make a compilation of the must listen tracks e.g. a double album or something? If so what was the tracklisting? Might even do one myself if anyone cares but wiser folks might do better than me.
  10. Excellent that'll save a completist a few quid. The red vinyl may arrive today. My actual plan B if there were two covers was to buy the black vinyl with the "other cover" in a real music shop at some stage. Surely the sleeve etc will be identical between red and black vinyl at least, it's just different discs and different catalogue numbers.
  11. Has anyone got their hands on a physical copy of the album yet? Interested to know if CD / vinyl have either the Kid A or the Amnesiac cover ... or if it's both and it is reversible. Difficult to tell from the photos in September.
  12. TL is nice!.....to the wrong ageing musicians Thank you to those that shared the ZIP this is great to hear, you'd made at least one old fan happy. People on Atease helping each other in 2021 who'd have thunk it? Nice to see the mood a lot more positive on this thread the last 24 hours! From what i've heard so far LSP is great, and I'm not surprised nobody guessed Pulk was True Love Waits for 20 years. Who'd have ever guessed they'd try mashing up a delicate slow guitar piece into wild choppy electronica.
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