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  1. Deep Purple I believe. See Listen to Jonny Greenwood Break Down Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool Tracks | Pitchfork
  2. Would be great if this place started picking up again -- attack of bots and zero news has been a near death blow. And Reddit makes me nauseous.
  3. What did Phil say? Link? I know Ed recently said on Instragram live that they're in contact and "doing stuff but it's not playing live and it's not ..., but there's stuff afoot." I didn't hear him specifically say it's "not new music" (although his subsequent comments might reasonably suggest this to some).
  4. The "problem" with our favorite band is that they always want their new albums to be fresh and distinct from their prior work, almost to a fault. But since their back catalogue is so extensive and musically diverse, this task becomes increasingly harder each time around. That said, I'm hoping that after TKOL and AMSP, and with this long break, they'll be comfortable rocking again. And the good news, is that we all know Thom has been writing new songs during Covid (i.e., Plasticine Figures) and I'm sure there are many of these given his creative energy. Hopefully the band has been circulati
  5. These Kid A bits are great and I've always loved them. Thanks for posting.
  6. With regard to potential new Radiohead work, Ed likes to play his cards close to the vest and his comments don't negate Thom writing and sharing songs with the band etc. Optimistically read, his comments just mean the band don't have immediate plans to enter the studio which means no timeline for releasing new material. The timing in "the cycle" is right for working on new Radiohead materials but we know they'll never discuss the nascent stages of anything. As for Kid A/Amnesiac, Covid may have delayed a physical release but no reason they can't put it into production this Fall. Plenty o
  7. What are the chances the band is presently working on LP10? I'm the eternal optimist who's been disappointed before (TKOL part 2!) but Thom's debut of Plasticine Figures and the cancellation of his and Ed's solo tours make it more probable than not that Thom is writing new Radiohead material and sharing that material with the band. In fact, they may already be working on reshaping that material into more polished songs for upcoming studio sessions. Movie production has also been halted for months which gives Jonny breathing room as well. Hell, Taylor Swift just announced a 16-song album sh
  8. Agreed though it would be very nice. Even though the band is more "chill" these days about releasing unreleased demos and recordings, they still want to curate exactly that is released. So we'll get a Kid A version of the white cassette from OKNOTOK, but not the 17-hour Minidisc equivalent.
  9. What was the interview? I know it wasn't Desert Island Discs. Thanks!
  10. Likewise obsessed. Realistically, we won't get the volume of what was in the mini-discs, since it included lots of random and duplicative bits that could have been reduced to 4 amazing discs. Hopefully they'll do something similar
  11. Definitely not Salamanca -- that was the request version which was fun but kind of sloppy.
  12. Thom just confirmed Kid A / Amnesiac 20th Anniversary edition. Discussed how he, Stanely and Nigel have been going through lots of material and that they virtually saved everything on disc.
  13. Yes, but getting a copy isn't for the faint of heart. It involved delving into the depths of Waste Central @ Discord.
  14. I do as well. It's Codex meets Wolf at the Door. Great for headphones, but live shows... probably not so much.
  15. Yeah those '96 soundboard recordings are amazing. I've always appreciated your compilation of the "best" live recordings and we've just been gifted with an amazing treasure trove of high quality recordings of them road testing OK Computer. Lovely stuff.
  16. Any personal highlights (aside from Lift on disc 15)?
  17. I thought the same thing before I saw him in Chicago, December 2018. But I hope you're right
  18. Love the live debut but also like full band with the organ which maintains the emotional resonance while adding additional layers. But YMMV
  19. You can tell Thom was a big Neil Young fan -- so many of the unreleased acoustic tunes have very similar vibe. But obviously he was also being pulled in a totally different direction with the songs that ended up on OKC. Lots of fun stuff but easy to see why so much never materialized.
  20. As I listen to a crazy version of LIAGH, I couldn't help thinking if it was destined for the "KID Amnesiac" 20 year anniversary release, along with some of the MPS recordings. Of course, we had MPS and National Anthem with OKNOTOK so who the hell knows.
  21. Tomorrow Night in Paris from end of Disc 17 is a treasure. I seriously can't believe this wasn't resurrected at some point.
  22. Just now listening to the funk jam at end of Disc 7. Unreal and cool to hear them experimenting with totally different sound and having fun.
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