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  1. He doesn't want moderators and doesn't care about the people concerned? What's his goal?
  2. Olaf


    The real question is: have we ever been at ease?
  3. Impossible Knots, I Am a Very Rude Person and Runwayaway are cute but pass by very fast, as if nothing happened: I guess that's why it feels short. Which is not a bad thing. It's cohesive in a broken way.
  4. That Nigel is out hero. Yes. But there's exagerration in his bitchiness; I'm sure he feels like the only adult in the place but they have to be focused—sometimes... Because I hear a focused band on AMSP. The previous LP sounded more "fabricated", yes. But that's their thing. (Nigel is Radiohead.)
  5. It's from The Rolling Stones; if I'm not mistaken, it dates from the release of OKNOTOK. And the song from AMSP that the band basically did without Thom is Daydreaming. He let them finished it.
  6. The day people will receive the vinyl. Officialy? In a year, maybe...Or two. Like Ill Wind. (I really don't like that vinyl bonus track nonsense, but well...)
  7. I don't believe it's an opinion. But ALIENS is one of their best songs. It's too bad that Coldplay decided that they were fine, Maroon 5ing themselves...I do like Ghost Story. Magic is groovy. Midnight is moody. The rest is fine.
  8. It has one more track which is certainly a reworked version of Two Feet Off the Ground.
  9. There's not, it's just hype to write about crying, now, because it means the art is gooooood and deeeeep.
  10. It's about reading It. The Stephen King novel.
  11. Will George Lucas direct the video for it, though?
  12. Yeah. It's been a day. Where is LP10 now?
  13. There's nothing inherently ridiculous about this, or I'd say the fact that it is purposefuly ridiculous makes saying it is redundant. People find always a way to say something is "ridiculous" to them, often because they're uncomfortable themselves about the thing, somehow. Acting "ridiculous" can be joyful and a way to liberate yourself. I've also never found The Lotus Flower video funny and I'm glad it encourages people to imitate it, even when they're mocking it.
  14. Cool. Dancing is lame and being judgemental online is the sign of a true, wonderful winner whose body absolutely didn't transform into a brick wall with age. Maturity brings you the ability to describe things as "lame". Maturity is reached in the eighth grade. I seriously feel bad for you if that's what makes you cringe, and that's why I am commenting. Life is is insufferable and here is a video of two co-workers bonding by dancing, imitating/mocking/celebrating a band they like, but that's ridiculous and lame? Well. Let's all be lame, sometimes. At Ease definitely knows about lameness.
  15. Listen, since you work hard at making every one of your post retarded, I'll trust your authority on the matter.
  16. I don't get it. They're kids having stupid fun and you're all, like, "why is this stupid"? Get another heroin fix, Sherlock.
  17. It's extremely bizare to see pictures of the vinyl for A Moon Shaped Pool, with someone claiming to have "found" it...
  18. I have it. I sell it for 150 000$. Call me HorseToo.
  19. Amsterdam. Milan. Australia. Japan. US ads in newspappers, too.
  20. I always had faith. And I've always read the release of Flat!Lift as a form of self-hatred from the band regarding this particular song.
  21. There's a camera in that game?
  22. I also have a website for my company. It gives no information about the company and it plays unreleased Rihanna when you call the number. PS: I'm ruined.
  23. Why did he have Bloom multitrack, though? He probably doesn't know what he has outside of the minidisks.
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