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  1. Said something about the band working on a project that's not new music. Saw it somewhere on reddit but can't find now.
  2. Both Phil and Ed have indicated in the last week that Radiohead have been working on something that's "not new music" or "playing live". Since the 10 year anniversary of TKOL is this week, who else thinks we're finally getting TKOL Part 2?
  3. for my people @thatthere @Cmontheplane https://we.tl/t-XPPKDQqgmO
  4. Sup bitches? Soundtrack for the weekend has arrived! Thanks @Zane!!
  5. I wish it existed in better quality than the hissy mp3! I believe a pre-FM soundboard flac exists for the first night, but not the second 😞
  6. I honestly believe Thom's voice took a turn for the worse in 2004. My first RH show was Hollywood Bowl 2003 night 2, and Thom sounded really great. I was so stoked about them after that show I couldn't wait for the next gig, which was Coachella 2004. I arrived at the campground Friday night and there were rumors circulating that Thom had an infection and there was a strong possibility that the show would get canceled. I was relieved the next day when I saw their purple equipment cases on stage, but once Thom started signing he sounded like utter shit to me. Like someone who had strep throat fo
  7. Three things: 1. The end of National Anthem is nuts. 2. In Limbo is fucking beautiful. That build up/crescendo is TIGHT. I hear elements of Bolero in there (not the annoying ones, though). 3. Where is my damn vinyl!?
  8. I, for one, cannot wait to spin Zane's record.
  9. What's this about a Slowdive / Radiohead collaboration?
  10. As a fellow Jonathan, I am offended by the spelling of your name.
  11. This is the exact reason I returned mine. got a 2008 billy Corgan strat instead and it’s like fucking butter.
  12. All that digging through the archives to just tweet 5 photos.
  13. This isn't going to become the new meme. You won't see @fabri re-posting this nonsense.
  14. Ok, so I hate to be that guy, but... https://extra.ie/2020/09/10/news/irish-news/man-floating-down-liffey "‘This appeared to be a controlled situation and a water rescue response was stood down.’ Viewers who watched the video of the man floating down the River Liffey had suggested that the incident could be related to a charity event or a performance art piece."
  15. Maybe it's not an anniversary reissue, but rather an EP of unheard songs from the Kid A sessions. A girl can dream!
  16. What I meant was Today is the day we find out that it isn't happening.
  17. So did anyone else get a postcard today with the bear and “I’m lost at sea” written 20x over it?
  18. Yeah, I still totally appreciate it 🙂 Did you get my PM?
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