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  1. I for one cannot wait to rip the 96 kbps audio files from the game and enjoy in their high-fidelity goodness.
  2. It's just a hunch I've had... like they rediscovered that version while compiling OKNOTOK and then decided to give it a try live later that summer.
  3. They hyped this for years. Only way to redeem themselves is if they lead 18+ hours of studio shit.
  4. If You Say The Word is on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0SvYW67Kes52rOZziDO9uC?si=f46rHTgnRnOAm90HeTgH0w&dl_branch=1
  5. Don't get me wrong. That's awesome. BUT stringing along since April for only that? Maybe a new album would make sense to string that long but just that?
  6. If this is really all there is, then I'm gonna disagree. They started this damn campaign in April. If we have to wait another 2 months to hear a handful of rejected takes and noise experiments I'm gonna be massively let down. Holding out that the 9 hashtags from this morning are 9 unheard songs.
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