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  1. The Gloaming is fucking amazing when you are stood 6ft from the right speaker stack and get your internal organs almost liquified from the SHEER FUCKING BASS.
  2. OK, bit of a long shot. Has anyone done an instrumental version of Dawn Chorus i.e. taken the original song from anima and removed the singing? I feel this would be amazing as an instrumental only.
  3. Holy shit this song is achingly fucking beautiful. Absolutely mesmerising.
  4. I'm not generally a fan of Thom's electronica, I enjoyed about half of the eraser and none of TMB. Anima though is his best yet. Dawn Chorus is fucking special.
  5. Fan favourite implies they know exactly which unheard of song it is, but it has to be total speculation. The Dawn Chorus title fits with wake me (sleep/waking up/early morning) as a theme. Open The Floodgates contains the word "chorus" but that's probably just coincidence, doesn't really fit thematically. Could be a song title Thom's been dying to use and is just a random new song with an old unused title, e.g. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses was supposed to be Reckoners' title. I want it to be Wake Me because I the clips Hoserama released sounded utterly beautiful and I so want to hear it.
  6. Where is the "flail" emoticon when you need it...
  7. I meant smell, stupid phone
  8. I'm still recovering from realising after 20 years that I've been singing the wrong lyrics to lift
  9. Ok just had my world rocked. I just googled the lyrics to lift, all the lyrics sites say these words are the chorus The smell of air conditioningThe fish are belly up All these years since I first heard Pinkpop 96 I thought the lyrics were A smell of recognition A face you barely loved I cant even right now. I'm too upset. Please someone say it isnt so....
  10. But is it the REAL Fabri or an imposter?
  11. You're reading waaay too much into this, if they wanted money they have hundreds of things locked away in the vault they could release for sale, unreleased songs, alternate studio takes, live soundboard recordings, Pablo Honey and The Bends late anniversary releases. Plus these 18 discs are only snippets from Thom's personal collection, the band must have proper full band early studio versions of Lift, TLW etc etc. If this was a cash grab it's a bit overly-complicated.
  12. I'm spectacularly computer illiterate with this sort of thing. I had the EXACT same error you have, I simply went to java.com and downloaded their latest update then ran the cmd file again only this time it worked and I didn't get your error. I didnt run it in admin mode but that may be because I might already have been logged on as admin. Beyond that I don't have a clue. Sorry.
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