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  1. He seems to pick and choose when he can sing these days. When you see live performances of Suspiria or Bloom at the piano at the BBC is voice is on point but then you'll watch a live performance of TMB or with Radiohead and his voice is all over the place. (2016 burn the witch anyone?) Would love LP10 to be just a simple album, tracks in the vein of Wake Me would be excellent instead of trying too hard to be..radiohead.
  2. Nice that Thom is finally living the relaxed millionaire lifestyle and not an angry young man anymore. What a great photo
  3. He openly admitted to fucking a flashlight didnt he
  4. It'll obviously sell to people like us but I genuinely cant see the average music fan shelling out for this...thats if we even get a psychical release.
  5. I genuinely don't think it'll sell that much? Whilst OKC was massive don't forget loads of people still hate 'modern' Radiohead. It'll be massive with the big fans but I cant see a casual listener giving it a punt at all.
  6. If they even did anything even remotely close to the amount of material on the minidiscs it'd be like £500+. I also think the percentage of people who'd actually want that level of content would be very slim. Outside of us nerd fans online there won't be that many people who'd be interested in Optimistic (Take 25) etc. I reckon most normal people won't have even heard the amnesiac b sides.
  7. I went to the Manchester and both Shepards bush shows. I was front row for all of them and Im on that MTV show a few times. I remember the Manchester show Thom looked pretty weirded out that we all knew the lyrics to the songs as the album had leaked at that point especially the 'all hail to the thief all hail to the thief' part of 2+2. I was 17 at the time, somehow convinced my parents to let me go to London and stay with loads of people I'd met on the internet...different times. I remember Bjork played the day after the second Radiohead show and a few of us stood outside the venue to try and hear her. They were good times man, I was just a kid at the time who grew up in a northern suburb and had no real adult experience and I remember being terrified of London as it was my first time there, also remember how expensive everything was and I chose not to eat towards the end as I couldn't afford anything. What's funny now is that I actually cant stand HTTT and think it's their worst album. Definitely a product of it's time.
  8. There was those posters that were around a while before the release wasn't there?
  9. I don't even read the usernames on reddit, is there any point?
  10. Would be wild to go back to 2002/2003 atease right now.
  11. This was leaked almost a year ago, thats mad.
  12. Could I get this too actually, I haven't heard it since 2003. I remember myxomatosis having another verse?
  13. You seem to be a very angry person, are you ok?
  14. Im really hating his interviews for his album cycle, im not sure how many times I can hear him say "we are all connected man on a simple level, Glastonbury is a meeting of tribes". He also keeps mentioning how the other band members haven't egged him on or gave him praise on the album. He seems to be having interviews with fucking everybody too.
  15. So Ed said they were due to tour in 2021, now not looking so likely with coronavirus. Im not too fussed on missing out on another tour of LA and New York to be honest.
  16. https://old.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/g5ndn9/i_found_a_music_video_for_anyone_can_play_guitar/?ref=share&ref_source=link
  17. I like to subscribe to the subreddit as they generally break most news first these days but Jesus Christ it gets worse and worse the amount of absolute shite on there, do the mods even do anything on it?
  18. I think it's because he's promoting his new solo career and isn't in a Radiohead mindset at the moment.
  19. im attempting to upload now, its the original leak with no time stamps
  20. I actually had no idea Elliott was in a band before his solo career, whoops..this sounds great what a perfect time to get into new bands.
  21. Did extinction rebellion ever say how much money was raised from the minidiscs?
  22. They must have filmed most of the gigs, there's that Dublin show on the library but its not the full show.
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