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  1. Yeah. Email from Colin: _____ "Hello everybody. I hope you’re all safe and well, and not chafing too much between the frustrations of lockdown and the promise of Spring. It’s been nearly four months since my younger brother wrote, dreaming of being back in the world and playing shows. And here we are, a step closer to that, thanks to science and the vaccines. Until that happens, we’ve rummaged about again for the next few concerts we’ve loved, from a past life that seems so far away, one we all yearn to return to. They are all performances we’ve cherished, and we are
  2. BBC6 Friday Guest Mix DJ set - 5 Feb 2021 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000rwsq
  3. “That was a little explosion in my peer group,” said Nigel Godrich, the producer known for his decades of work with Radiohead. “It was clearly somebody on the outside doing something really, really different and striking and really exciting.” Years later, after they all became friends, Godrich said he and Thom Yorke approached Madlib about rapping on one of the Radiohead singer’s solo albums. He politely declined. [Sound Ancestors] “It’s very much in keeping with what you would hope it would be,” Godrich said of the album. “It’s a relief to hear it.” https://www.nytimes.com/2021/
  4. What if I Promise is the sequel to Promise me ... or worse yet, the same song 😆
  5. "I am so sad to hear MF Doom’s passing. He was a massive inspiration to so many of us, changed things.. for me the way he put words was often shocking in it’s genius, using stream of consciousness in a way i’d never heard before ..." --- Thom Yorke. @thomyorke. Jan 2
  6. His wife announced that MF Doom (Daniel Dumile) died back in October of this year. Thom remixed "Gazillion Ear" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpyAblHgYBs and Thom and Jonny worked on "Retarded Fren" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfWTbuPIOQY
  7. I didn't know she got started in the Upright Citizens Brigade. Caught a UCB show a while back, the place was packed, hot, and a great night
  8. Bits of "The Man Who Was Thursday" by G. K. Chesterton. https://twitter.com/thomyorke/status/1341176897175252994/photo/1 https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1695/1695-h/1695-h.htm (this board Hyperlink not working) 🙁
  9. Thanks, Adriaan. Trolls who shit all over the board are not welcome. So get your shit together or get lost. Here's to a New Year of Radiohead in whatever form.
  10. https://music.apple.com/gb/album/her-revolution-his-rope-single/1543063860 Thom Yorke @thomyorke 21h Her Revolution/ His Rope - now with streamers
  11. https://xl.ffm.to/her-revolution-his-rope/
  12. https://open.spotify.com/album/4ciK8DtBglOBd0FYznsg98 not sure if this works
  13. Adam Buxton Podcast w/Ed O'Brien https://www.adam-buxton.co.uk/podcasts/7-bfk9m-4l8kp-blcga-jwabs-blbb8-b9mjx-r3ftc "When did you start getting cosmic?" -- Adam
  14. After the 2 minute mark it's a slowed down Massive Attack "Teardrop" vibe
  15. Her Revolution = Burial Four Tet and TY channeling Sigur Ros
  16. thanks @bababooey can we please keep the threads clear of offtopic posts when there actually IS relevant news? thankeeee kindleeeee
  17. Posted 5 hours ago log in to see solo thread released on vinyl
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