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  1. Donwood's "Swifts Hollow" at slowly downward. https://slowlydownward.co.uk/swifts-hollow and "Watching" at the lost domain https://www.thelostdomain.art/?utm_term=0_ef634c4c8c-cc9f7eefe5-208092347&mc_cid=cc9f7eefe5&mc_eid=45ab4185c4 "This print is called 'WATCHING', and is the fifth print to be released through The Lost Domain. There is an intention here to emphasise the fact that we need to take care of our environment, to look after the world that we live in and not blunder around destroying it for the sake of shiny gadgetry, illusory financial incentives, high-octane status symbols and other fripperies of our culture. Some may disagree with me; and yes, what do I know? I admit I am merely a 53 year old human who likes trees and has read a number of books."
  2. After scrolling through all the offerings in the Coda Collection (via Prime) there are some From The Basement shows, but the sole RH appears identical to be identical to what we've already seen (anyone buy into Coda? Too lazy to even join for a free trial). Nothing tempting (Booger, there is a PJ Harvey FTB, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKWUs4tdV08 but that four song set is online already), and we've seen the Thom Yorke session. FTB artists: https://fromthebasement.co.uk/artists/ do i need to watch old shows (Hendrix, etc), no not really. Coda to me is a bust, and old timey thinking, off the biggest Bezos platform but to bring this around to topic, no unreleased Up on the Ladder or FMA video from Nigel; so here's to FMA on the anniversary release, which I foolishly failed to anticipate despite ALL THE SIGNS
  3. Six Kid A paintings to be sold by Christies. Oh how far afield Stanley. https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/christie-s-will-partner-with-radiohead-s-thom-yorke-to-present-artworks-by-stanley-donwood-created-for-the-album-kid-a-2000--864221353.html The paintings by Donwood will be offered in First Open: Post-War and Contemporary Art, online for global bidding from 5 to 19 October 2021, with estimates beginning at £10,000
  4. https://www.thebookseller.com/news/canongate-announces-two-new-books-radiohead-1278778 "The work chronicles their obsessions at the time: minotaurs, genocide, maps, globalisation, monsters, pylons, dams, volcanoes, locusts, lightning, helicopters, Hiroshima, show homes and ring roads. What emerges is a deeply strange portrait of the years at the commencement of this century. A time that seems an age ago – but so much remains the same. It also features a dialogue between Yorke and Donwood about the creative process and a specially commissioned essay, "Kid Alphabet", by Gareth Evans about Radiohead’s body of work.
  5. Ziggurats are totally on brand for the band I can't say that about any other band I Iisten to An artist created a 7-level bronze mandala ziggurat which was shown at the Rubin Museum. <-- random
  6. "Even though they're really great songs, and I'm really proud of them, they just didn't fit," Yorke said of the songs that didn't make it onto Kid A. "Which is quite a weird feeling, because you think an album should be just basically the best songs. That's not necessarily true. You can put all the best songs in the world on a record, and they'll ruin each other. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/radiohead-kid-a-double-album/ ultimate classic rock haahaaa
  7. unexpectedly came across the word "ziggurat" when reading about Dante today as you do
  8. "Yorke notes he's got "loads", but won't let the cat out of the bag – the band intend that the Radiohead Public Library will remain in place for ever, a permanent archive in a sea of impermanence. "There's a lot of stuff gets made every day; it's a huge, streaming-flooded river that rolls past us," says Yorke. The library is "the act of trying to make a little island, pile a bunch of stones in the river, so it can get seen". Will there be more items added to the pile? Yorke laughs. "That would demand us to do some fucking work. So I'm not sure about that yet. I guess so!"" So, I guess so too. I'm also sure the EPIC exhibition will be called something cooler than KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION
  9. http://archive.radiohead.com/Site10/index2.html https://www.wired.co.uk/article/radiohead-public-library "In the early 2000s, Radiohead almost invented social media. “We came up with this idea to create something we called a ziggurat,” lead singer Thom Yorke explains, over a video call from his studio. "Each person would have a room, and you could leave your own shit there, your opinions on stuff, bits of music, what you're up to. And then you move into different rooms, message each other. Like a weird, twisted version of Facebook."" Also this: "Yorke adds that he doesn't "feel a sense of community in the way that one is supposed to with these things. Because I don't like being trolled. I had enough of that a long time ago." He notes that in the past, he's had chance meetings with people who had posted abuse on the Radiohead message board, only to find that they were contrite in person. These encounters left him feeling sorry for those who post negatively online. "Generally speaking, I just don't think it's healthy. That's something that looks like direct contact, but isn't direct contact. It's two shadows talking in a room."
  10. Kid Amnesiae E 1. Like Spinning Plates (‘Why Us?’ Version) 2. Untitled v1 3. Fog (Again Again Version) 4. If You Say The Word 5. Follow Me Around F 1. Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version) 2. Untitled v2 3. The Morning Bell (In the Dark Version) 4. Pyramid Strings 5. Alt. Fast Track 6. Untitled v3 7. How to Disappear into Strings
  11. does the EPIC games exhibit make it more or less likely that the library will get a sprucing up? They took a lot of time and effort to build it, chances are they will add a lot more in coming months
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