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  1. so only two folks are going to the Smile live shows at Magazine London? all three shows are sold out/waitlisted
  2. Ta @alexbatchelor91. Wave to us from the 1am show, because we'd all like to be there. anyone with contacts at XL? Progress?
  3. Greenwood ended up spending days recording himself playing different melodies on a single cello and viola, over and over. he's Mr. Focus
  4. I was able to play Kid A Mnesia on a PS5 last night. Holy everything that's holy. Did I say the artwork wasn't sharp? Wrong. It's SO sharp. A different experience and if you can find a PS5 it's incredible. Still no easter eggs, but I have the borrowed PS5 for two more days. The Christmas tree can stay up, I'm buuuuuuusy.
  5. Was surprised to hear "Dawn Chorus" at the close of an episode of "Maid" the 2021 Netflix tv series
  6. The band name is set on a tilt inside a giant ampersand. The face is from their FB page. Did Thom draw it? I dunno.
  7. Jon Pareles called it a "snarling single". "Over a bruising 5/4 beat and flailing guitars climbing through three chords, Yorke snarl-sings his avenging fury at “some gangster troll promising the moon” who’d devour “all those beautiful young hopes and dreams,” and you can almost feel the spittle flying."
  8. "Our society continues to think that leisure time is more enjoyable than work. Continues to think that sitting on a beach somewhere, relaxing under the hot sun, is more enjoyable than working…. Our society is wrong. That is, the right kind of work is. It has to be the kind of work you’re truly passionate about. Work that you would continue to do even if no one paid you a dime. That work is more fun than fun. So go out, find your work. It’s more fun than fun." --Sir Noel Coward, inspiring Jonny
  9. If they are yet to agree on a tracklist then they obviously haven't pressed the vinyl. Given the backlog I don't see a pysical release before... June? They could do a digital release first, of course. (I expect this to happen). Fans will buy the downloads (are CD's also backlogged because of supply chain?) and shell out for vinyl which will deliver God knows when. About the tracklist, why do I feel like there are actually more than 13 tracks they could lay down?
  10. Jonny says they're building something inside of one of the existing spaces . . . so yeah, it should be way more bespoke and downsized. Also we've got Andi Watson, the RH lighting and stage designer  working it out for The Smile. Sweet.
  11. the venue is "Magazine London, in the heart of London’s Docklands" https://magazinelondon.co.uk/#event-spaces looking at it, it's got all the charm of an airplane hangar
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