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  1. that has to be one of their most forgettable songs. easily.
  2. is there an archived thread or anything where there’s more info? I’ve got nothing else to do
  3. man, does thom embellish his handwriting so that it’s messy?
  4. It would be nice to see Thom with short hair and a clean shave, one last time before his hair goes grey, not going to lie. Also I’m guessing that wearing his hair in a knot is probably pulling back his hairline...
  5. I think AMSP is good - probably my 4th favourite Radiohead album tied with In Rainbows. It could’ve been in my top 3 if they traded out Identikit and The Numbers with Ill Wind and Spectre. Identikit might be one of my least favourite Radiohead songs actually.
  6. a random user came on to the sub and is hosting an AMA because they supposedly know Thom on some level. is it legit or attention-seeking bs? I honestly think it might be real
  7. I love A Rat’s Nest, such a cool song.
  8. I can agree with you on the 2016 performances, to an extent. Thom's voice during the climax of Exit Music at NOS Alive Festival sounded incredibly nasally. Compare that vocal performance back to the one's in 1997-2001 and it's a step down in quality for sure ?. Although he seems to be knocking Exit Music out of the park recently so it's not all bad. Here's some of my unpopular(?) opinions: -All I Need is overrated and the climax is very underwhelming. The piano and vocals in the outro honestly seem a bit quiet. Maybe I'm just bad at noticing musical nuances. -IDENTIKIT IS OVERRATED. The 2012 version sounds *okay*. Thom's vocals on AMSP sound like that Reggie Watts parody of Radiohead. When performed live, it's completely average; bland; forgettable. That grunting stuff Thom does when they do it live makes it sound like a shred performance. Of all the songs from AMSP they could play live and they chose this... (although I will admit that the transition from Glass Eyes is very smooth and works well) -I'm not entirely sure if this is unpopular, but Tinker Tailor is underrated and they should play it live way more often. It's the darkest Radiohead has sounded since Amnesiac. The dissonant string outro is one of the best moments on AMSP. I'd rather hear Tinker Tailor live then Identikit, The Numbers and Decks Dark. -Treefingers is one of the best things they've ever done and I'd love for them to make more ambient instrumental music. If I had to pick a song that perfectly captured the overall themes of Kid A, I might pick Treefingers. -Feral is one of their best live songs. -Ed needs to tune his fucking guitar for when they play Bloom live. -Nose Grows Some is awesome. -Idioteque sounds way better on the album than it does live. I guess it's a bit unfair to compare the studio and live versions because they probably can't recreate the ambient sounds from the studio version live. -Lurgee, Blow Out, and Bishop's Robes are some of their best songs. -Supercollider is also one of the best things they've ever made, and they absolutely need to bring it back live. -Faust Arp is underrated and one of my favourites off In Rainbows.
  9. I think they will take another 5 year break after this tour so safest bet for the next album would be 2023
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