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  1. this is actually the one and only CONSERVATIVE radiohead board on the online! but unlike the libby turds? WE WELCOME ALL! come one! come all! to the snowman's balle!
  3. damn you ade! 😠 GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS!!!!!
  5. Ash

    AtEase 2021!

    Liberate? BANANAS! 😠 i've just got 2!
  6. Copyright Radiohead AT EASE 1997 - 2018 yeah i'd say that's about right hell he's not WHITE! 21 years / grams hitching and hiking to space HELL! Event Verizon Wired for LESS! the lovely little lass... 2000-2021 / 1984 thru 2001 right onto 2012 / 20-20-fun! 2024 begging 4 mo! ten years past the unicorns return and 2004 with all the dead bugs and now again 17 years later gator 17 again? we're going to be 17 forever!!!!
  7. Ash

    AtEase 2021!

    Biden's Burden!
  8. NO VAGINAS! NO VAGINAS! NO WHAMMIES! No, Virginia! 😠 oh she's not a virgin! not anymore....
  9. Ash

    AtEase 2021!

    tonight's the night! to ignite the nightie!
  10. this is why one ALWAYS chooses the PINK dress! BURN GNOBLE! 😠
  11. Ash

    AtEase 2021!

    oh it's happening alright! DON'T GO INTO THE LIGHT! (that's how they GET YOU!) trapped in eternal soul-cycles [HELLSCAPES!]
  12. i'll give you a hint: she's NOT white!
  13. once the new album is announced AtEase will go right back to its Glory Daze! i'm talking not just 2007-era but like 2002-2003-2004 bear uh! you won't believe! get dressed!
  14. yeah well here's what EYE think! for a few years they've earned many CDs that were "Gruff" and unmixed like when the floor leaked acid with HTML coding after an EXHAUSTING glistening that they had to finalize before the groovy added biddles were cut up and fucked up and beaten up like his mixed up with toast cis! .... POW! it shall be done! CLIPPY BLIPPY! Distortland! GLAND!
  15. NICE [SCREAM] 😠
  16. they're sending some secret codes! and yet nobody knows!
  17. Ash


    i'm the fire startah! including McGuyver! fight the pressure! start the commotion! OUT OF CONTROL!
  18. Looking ASS! Alice Glass! in a damn dress! the colourp? urple! enjoy your nurple! GURPL!
  19. in the yearrrrrrrrrr.... two-thousanddddddddddd! white castle will eliminate the middle man and just grind up their burgers and spray them directly into toilets! *looks into the toilet-lith* my god it's full of shit! 😠
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