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  1. it isn't REAL! 😠 can't you see that all these on a friday demo tapes over the years have driven us apart?
  2. that's tantamount to highway robbery! 😠 greedy ducks!
  3. this petrol shit! 😠 NO MORE!!!
  4. Today begins the final full day of The Presidental Trumpian Odyssey of Terror & Or Error! by god what a ride it has been... ride... been... BIDE.... DEN! he's biden his time (crime!) eyah! oh for the love of... BARRON!!! 😠 bAARON von DARREN! :ninja: :ninj :nin ja!
  5. GRIPEY! 😠 surely THIS is just gripe to be uh!
  6. where the hell do they keep finding these damn things! every time one if found a new one is discovered in waiting to be freed! WHY DON'T YOU WRITE A SAPPY SONG? for once! 😠
  7. Ash

    AtEase 2021!

    what fun fruit roll-outs can we expect next! THIS COULD BE OUR YEAR! (don't you DARE call it a fucking come back... kid!) 😠
  8. Ash

    Pablo honey

    PABLO HONKEY RMXdd! sooning soon!
  9. sHE's brOKen he's okay! her dick! HIS SHIT! 😠
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