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  1. 😬😬😬Told You😬😬😬
  2. By the time of official release, you guys will be upside down in a land of confusion. Appropriate considering the two decades that have transpired since these albums first vibrated into ear canals. take the money and run
  3. 2020: Only conspiracy theorists believe vaccination passports are real! Their dangerous misinformation must be stopped! 2021: Only conspiracy theorists are opposed to vaccination passports! Their dangerous misinformation must be stopped!
  4. I thought ade banned ash, purple dress, and nitsua thinking they were all the same people… The same peeps telling the truth about trump and the vaccine…
  5. Am I the only one cringing with the PlayStation jingle coinciding with my favorite album of all time?
  6. If You Say the Word is pretty right on right on. I’m a little confused why it was never b-sided.
  7. Radiohead are so old now. Tom MacDonald just dropped two albums. His songs go atmospheric in views. He actually writes lyrics that matter. Less Radiohead, more Tom /controversial post
  8. Wait. They didn’t remaster anything? I mean, I guess they technically don’t need it but /insert legendary amnesiac meme here/
  9. Eye C Ewe Sea Monkey BagAwK!
  10. See Exhibit A ^ I think purple dress was here because they love Radiohead, as do I. Us fans tend to want to have hope in the fan bases of our fandoms. Atease hasn’t been active in years upon years now. BoogerBear. Why did you respond so quickly? This place is a tomb. The only activity was purple dress. There’s a lot going on in the world man, perhaps use your energy and time more beneficially rather than canvassing a very dusty fan message board? Trapped in the in rainbows era? Unable to break free? It’s not hard to do. That was the mid 2000s. It’s now 2021. Much has occurred since and Radiohead’s atease is but a shadow of a shadow of its former self. Aka it’s just not a poppin’ place worthy of an immediate response to a post. And yet there you are posting immediately. You obviously are in this quest for the poster who only tried to get you lot to come up for air because he loves you by proxy of his love of the band this place exists to discuss. But there’s also been the community side on this board. The chat side. The sharing side. This place always had wonky drama but since we’ve all aged and traffic has diminished, one would assume more pressing matters would have manifested. I mean what the hell happened to atease? I saw Ash being hosed a few weeks ago on here. Ash. I mean good lord. What happened here?
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