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  1. Who knows if that's what really happened, but this is what Colin had to say: I've also read that there was some bad blood with Nigel over the production and especially the mix of HTTT, but to me that sounds like an anedcdote that was overblown. I mean, it could be true, but really hard to see it as the reason for deciding to part ways with him. Also considering that Thom worked on the Eraser around that time, with him.
  2. I like how, in Spike Stent's wikipedia page, Radiohead is the very first band mentioned in the list of artists he's worked with, but then you scroll down and there is not a single Radiohead record in his discography.
  3. Of course, because these are not session tapes: these are Thom's personal minidisks. Anything that was recorded in the proper studio sessions is not here. Here we have all demos, samples, live takes and rehearsal takes from the period (summer 1996?) that were deemed interesting enough to keep in preparation for the album recording. And, besides that, there is the minidisk with the final unmastered mixes. There is surely a separate archive of complete (and high quality) studio tapes, but I bet it's pretty uninteresting stuff. That is, the final takes, a ton of alternate takes, isolated voc
  4. Still can believe that the Airbag riff, the riff, was only added right at the end of the process. It's not on any of the demos, so perhaps it was even added when they were already in the studio sessions. What a stroke of genius (by Jonny, I suppose). It's also interesting that Colin's stop-start bassline was added later. It's lovely to hear him basically figuring it out in real time, in disc 10 (around minute 27).
  5. I keep discovering new Thom demos here and there. There are just so many. The one with a drum machine in disc 10 right after the Bends 4-track ("I don't want to hurt you") is a total gem.
  6. Very curious to look at Thom's scribbled titles. Lull is called 'Ed's song', and Attention is always written 'Attenzione' (?). A Reminder demo is called 'Play me this song'.
  7. It comes right after Disc 15: 10:12 Lift 14:44 Intro sample
  8. I can't believe this original version of Last Flowers. Jonny absolutely shredding, completely different choruses... I mean WHAT?! This is so fun
  9. By the way, I am splitting the mp3s using https://mp3cut.net/ and it's comically easy, as we say here (unsure if it downgrades the quality, but who cares, it's mostly lo fi demos)
  10. The LIAGH organ version followed by Thom's acoustic demo is absolutely bonkers (disc 9)
  11. Yes but that sequencing does not make any sense, and the final album order is already settled. They must have seen them as singles for later or b-sides.
  12. Also, LIAGH being born out of Exit Music, the Reckoner-ish drum jam... Were *all* Radiohead songs written before 1999, or what?
  13. Thom's demos are amusingly bad. Amazing to see that OKC could have very well been a Pablo Honey 2...
  14. Indeed, at the time I assumed that was all they had to work with, because it's so clearly not up to standard. Perplexing.
  15. Full band versions of Attention (both finished and as a working progress) are very nice to have. 100% unknown song until OKNOTOK, and now it appears that they spend quite some time with it. Also, the OKNOTOK version was a Thom solo demo.
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