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  1. Well if you’re about to peace out then atease will be quiet again. LOL. At any rate, good work here and nice rapping with you a bit. Take care of yourself. 🕊
  2. Ha! If only that were the case. Truth is still buried. Muffled. Skirting on the surface if you will… There’s definitely momentum towards a calling for truth but I’m beginning to wonder if trusting your gut and yourself is the only true way to fly considering the possibilities that abound. I’m not requesting any type of access. It’s not my bag. I just like talking to people such as yourself because that’s what life is all about. Good times and good conversations. 🙂
  3. And spew responses on message boards? 🤪 I’m quiet too but I can talk your ear off given the right topic and audience.
  4. Ah yes. Run ins with these types would make lots of sense considering all those variables aligning. How very cool. We all have our own little roads and sharing stories is age old. Pretty cool reading about yours regardless even if it’s close to the vest for understandable reasons. I know a cia dude by association but don’t really know the guy. We’re on different coasts and I’m also a loner who doesn’t do an incredible amount of off hours socializing. I’m sure I’d meet all sorts of cool cats if I did.
  5. Former intel? Sounds interesting. Although them ever being former makes me laugh.
  6. Definitely something I’ve never heard of before. I’m not so sure I would call myself. How did you even come across said number? A good amount of humans have psychic ability. Are you certain you’re devoid of such connection?
  7. The only way you hear this entity is through a phone? Mobile? I am reading a book on remote viewing and want to start practicing but I’ve never heard of this phone thing you speak about.
  8. I think this site is pretty broken. I have the same handle on telegram if you ever want to reach out. 🕊
  9. How did I lie about it? Why don’t you care? Are you the alien intelligence speaking to Girl in a Purple Dress removed from the plight of this earth?
  10. You’re a angular person so let’s be direct since you’re all rah rah rah over 9/11. What do YOU think happened on that day?
  11. How are you communicating with the alien intelligence?
  12. The Feds! Ha! The same feds who covered up the finders, the Biden laptop and made Enrique Tarrio an fbi informant to cast shade on the proud boys? Nah… I don’t much buy any of this stuff about the Oval Office being fake and yada yada yada. It’s up to the people and we’re responsible for our situation. Clown games occurred and have occurred. Joe Biden is in, even if it’s stolen. He’ll be replaced with Kamala.
  13. Advising a swan song on meth? You’re taking the piss… 😂
  14. Diabetes? Really? You’re better than this Athletic. I know it and you know it. Show it. 🕊
  15. 11/05/2018 Listen. It’s 4 minutes. Pretty wild if you ask me. https://youtu.be/ZBKlRGkInRM
  16. Exactly! You’re a breath of fresh air and I don’t think they want to admit it. I love radiohead to pieces but this place is dead. The band is quiet. We’re excited for a release of vault material. Nothing is happening. All the more reason to spread truth. Spread it loudly.
  17. Truth stands on its own. I think we’ll break the cycle. At least I hope so. It’s getting really really dark.
  18. *passes you the bowl* Even though that sounds a wee bit perilous and voodoo-ish. Signed a contract? Sounds dubious if a contract was signed… 👀
  19. I love you for it. Sincerely. I’ve been popping in here for a while and seeing you blowing it up. Gold star to the highest degree. Once you know, you know. Time is short. The momentum is now because hell is riding in fiercely and I refuse to allow apathy to win. Thank you. 🕊
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