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  1. His problem is he's a twat.
  2. Just give someone mod status so they can ban this fucking clown.
  3. Might be a little early to ask but anybody have a high quality rip?
  4. How ever many he has I feel quite bad for him. He's clearly quite distrubed and not getting the help he needs.
  5. What's really strange is it feels like it was only yesterday, yet the last two months have felt like an eternity!
  6. Got my vinyl today but according to W.A.S.T.E it hasn't been posted. Odd.
  7. Is he expected to announce dates in any of these locations? Surely they wouldn't go to the trouble promote a tour in a country they have no plans to visit?
  8. Other than the ones in London have any of these posters/ads appeared in countries with no dates?
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