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  1. So, anyone with the appropriate kit interested in having the surround sound files all compiled up into surround wavs to enjoy? There appears to be three. The "HTDC/Pyramid Song/YAWA" flow (there's two versions of this for some reason), "Treefingers" and the "Pulk TLW" piano/rhodes sounds. Treefingers, with the extra sounds they've put in it, sounds really rather nice. I do need to try and get my computer outputting the game in surround via the tv so I can check how the HTDC flow is meant to sound as it sounds a little wrong to me on my compile at the moment
  2. I'm trying to work through them all, re-label and compile together into song folders (and take out repeats/game sfx of which there seems to be many). If this doesn't take me forever I'll try to put somewhere for people.
  3. This one is really interesting as the guitar sounds different to In Limbo proper, really locks into those drums and has a proper finish. Seems to me like Hunting Bears fell out of an alternative In Limbo jam
  4. Someone on Reddit has been able to start extracting - https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/10FpF2mwKf9ESb8F0OIXOjUplKkOJa49q?usp=sharing
  5. I don't know if major focus is the right thing to say but I think, judging by all the interviews, that this was the thing that 'created' the rest of the reissue.
  6. This appears to be the list of tracks in the game from the Kid Amnesiac website: TWISTED WOODS & UNDER THE WOODS EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE KID A THE NATIONAL ANTHEM PACKT LIKE SARDINES IN A CRUSHD TIN BOX IN LIMBO TREEFINGERS IDIOTEQUE HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY/ PYRAMID SONG/ YOU AND WHOSE ARMY? LIKE SPINNING PLATES PULK PULL REVOLVING DOORS/ TRUE LOVE WAITS HUNTING BEARS MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK I'm guessing Twisted Woods is the new jam thing you've mentioned Booger? Each of the rooms have names and one of them Little Cinema doesn't appear to have music attached to it. I'm intrigued as to what that might be. Downloading the game as I write, hopefully will get a bit of a go before bed calls
  7. I think my favourite interview of this run. Lots of good stuff and far more wide ranging than a lot of the other ones
  8. Yep. I’m guessing it’ll be like the untitled tracks on Kid Amnesiae with possibly some more full tracks coming through at points. I still think those untitled’s were created for the game rather than being pieces made at the time and unused.
  9. At a guess I’d say we’ll get an announcement / release on Friday or just after to create blowback promo of the album release for week 2
  10. It's possible that Nigel has pieced it together recently but I think it is something from that era. My guess would be that this is what they created off the back of I Will being reversed. Thom then pushed to make it a bit weirder and came up with the idea of reversing the vocals, whether that happened before the keyboards replaced the piano, who knows. Whilst I love this version I'd disagree with Booger that the vocal melody is better here. It's possible I'm just too used to the other one, but the Amnesiac vocal has more melodic variety. This version, each verse line is a slight variation of one melodic theme, whereas the melody in the Amnesiac version effectively runs for two lines each. I'd guess Nigel did his producer job to push Thom to vary the vocal melody a bit more as they worked on it further. I'm happy that we have both studio versions though and that end section on the 'new' version is gorgeous, that is a miss from the Amnesiac version. The extra first verse is interesting in that it doesn't follow the rhythmic pattern of the other verses. My guess is Thom came up with that from what the reversed I Will vocals possibly sounded like they were saying and then that fed the rest of the songs creation. I'm probably very wrong though. I'm starting to sound a bit like musickiks now.
  11. I mean, I did try to get you to calm down! I'm not entirely sure how the third disc would play fit someone with little knowledge of the first two albums but it is a lovely journey through the sessions for people like us all. I enjoy the fact that the untitled that follows Pulk TLW consists of the backwards recorder sounds that brought it in on Amnesiac. I’m intrigued as to whether that was the full length of this version of TLW. I would assume not but that they hadn’t really worked out what to do with the instrumental bits yet and so Nigel cut it off there as it wasn’t doing much else. Anyway, hopefully we can all get annoyed again about the stuff they put in the exhibition but not on the third disc.
  12. Yep I’d certainly agree with that. This release reminds me just how much I love this era and marvel at the effort put into everything they did. I’d love them to experiment as much as this again and try every angle. TKOL was based around one experimental idea and I think that was one of the issues with it. Kid Amnesia was pretty much something different every song (and multiple times for some songs). I’m not sure they’re in the place to do that again and ultimately that’s ok they certainly gave everything with this, but I’d love for that to happen one more time
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