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  1. This whole release and experience with it is really quite outstanding...It clearly took a while to make and it shows why they were so quiet about the Kid A/Amensiac re-issues and this in general.. This took me a while to a while to download and get going and from the standpoint of someone who hasn't been into games really since the 90s I was worried how this would come across but was truly blown away by it..It took me a while to realize how to move around correctly with keyboard and having only going through it maybe 1.5 times there's still so many things to figure out when I play it again.. I feel like I took a bad time to take a break from cannabis cause even in a "normal" frame of mind this has so many amazing aural/visual moments..I'm loving the idea of combining art with a medium like this..It's an inspirational experience.
  2. Now I really need to hearing these songs other than on headphones..Each time I listen to Follow Me Around comes in it sounds better and I'm not thinking of the versions of it.
  3. This, (the Follow Me Around video) is pretty good actually..So long as you're not expecting the band to come in...And how did they get the camera to not show up in the mirror??...And will we could still get the IR version when we get those re-issues as well...And the video game is sure to have the bonus tracks and tkol pt 2 and etc etc....In the last 5-10 years we've been spoiled in regards to things that we thought we'd never get/things we actually got..Back when we didn't have any idea what Burn The Witch actually sounded like and so on..
  4. I want every version of Cuttooth ever...And the Kid A version of Knives Out...And the Amensiac version of Wolf At The Door.
  5. So Ash was dress...Not entirely surprising..
  6. Where or even what would Radiohead be without Stanley Donwood??? It's hard to imagine.
  7. I remember the Radiohead Byzantine Ziggurat webpage..It seemed like an interesting idea but I had no idea what it was supposed to be..
  8. I can't wait to unlock the bonus tracks. Imagine all of Kid A/Amnesiac's outtakes and demos buried in the world's first Radiohead video game.
  9. We were spoiled by the OKC Minidiscs leak and they probably don't want that to happen again???
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