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  1. Under-rated song.....It does kind of sound like he's saying "ring me" but I wouldn't notice it if I wasn't listening for it..
  2. It finally happened..Again...Thank you... Now we can go back to speculating about whether or not we'll get The Kid Amnesiac box set/The Smile/LP 10/TKOL Pt 2 again...
  3. section 917

    AtEase 2021!

  4. section 917

    AtEase 2021!

  5. section 917

    AtEase 2021!

    What about Liz Cheney's large penis?
  6. Oh good two nutters..I'm not associating with any of the BS here..This is supposed to be a Radiohead related thread and message board.
  7. It's a bunch of BS noise is what it is with zero substance..It's about the same as listening to a robot..Who seriously talks about Hydroxychloroquine in June of 2021??? I would rather pretend it doesn't even exist but I don't like unchecked bullshit.. To get back on topic..Are we really getting a Kid A/Amnesiac special edition? I could see it happening and I could see it not happening...I don't know, even if it seems like it is for sure happening I'm not sure..
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/nscrg0/kid_a_amnesiac_reissue_is_happening/ Or uh..
  9. Firt time i write here even if i'm a memeber since a long time ago. I would like to have the lp has much has all of you but i can't get over all the whining! People get your shit togheter please. We've already got the single and it's spectre. I wish for more too but try to remember that radiohead don't own you anything. It's a pleasure to read you everyday but please stop to talk shit. And by the way identikit is gonna be amazing if the beat is faster. Peace to you all and let's hope the smile lp1 will show up soon.
  10. According to Reddit this might be the setlist: 01 - Skating On The Surface 02 - The Smoke 03 - You Will Never Work In Television Again 04 - Opposites 05 - Panavision 06 - Just Eyes And Mouth 07 - We Don't Know What Tomorrow Brings 08 - Thin Thing
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