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    How did weird fishee die? I forget.
  2. It might happen next year instead. 2021 is the anniversary of Amnesiac and the extra sessions with Graeme Stewart for the Amnesiac B-sides.
  3. So did Thom really have sex with Christopher O’Reilly’s wife? 😳
  4. 2001-2003 was the best by far.
  5. Ash, you have to leave The Annex. They'll ban you for posts like that. They're so über-sensitive and weak, it's humiliating for everyone!
  6. Anger is understandable at the moment. We’re all adults. We can handle it. It’s not a crime to be angry sometimes.
  7. That sounds reasonable and more like the usual Ed. 🙂
  8. Do you think his girlfriend stabbed him? He apparently stabbed himself why she was “having a shower” in an adjacent room and she didn’t hear anything. If I repeatedly stabbed myself in the chest, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be quiet!
  9. Is Jonny an asshole? He seems pretty friendly in general. Journalists and TV interviewers aren’t the easiest people to get along with. I certainly wouldn’t want to be interviewed by journalists!
  10. This seems true, sadly. When did Ed complain that Radiohead members didn’t praise the album? That’s embarrassing, for all of them!
  11. It's a story about Christopher O'Riley's wife. This guy. It has to be a joke.
  12. Did this really happen, or is it weird atease fan fic? Wasn't Thom still married at the time?
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