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  1. forget wake me, i’m still hoping one day i can hear that present tense version hoserama has recorded. if it sounds anything like the mexico soundcheck it‘s one of radioheads beautifulst songs never recorded.
  2. ... don‘t know if the real hoserama or not but i was very thankful that we got come to your senses a few years ago but i will always looking forward to the present tense. if it is anything line the mexico soundcheck this will be one of my favourite songs of all time i guess. i don‘t know if it‘s just because of the bad quality that my head interprets something that isn‘t there but that versions sound simply amazing. hope we one day get that recording
  3. ... sadly i really doubt it that they could release lp10 anytime soon. but my wishful thinking stuck together pieces that there is a possibility. i always wondered why there was just one b-side to amsp. maybe they saved songs/ideas for lp10. also thom mentioned before the tour started that his new favourite song they have figured out back then was come to your senses but they never played it. also they recorded songs in a studio between a tour already (jack white identikit blabla) i don‘t know about this leak guy and his stories. they seem weird and unbeliebable but why not? i can really imagine colin sitting right next to him as he is downloading the files. also that thom is struggeling with lp3 (he already teased artwork etc last summer) and also that jonny maybe is a little bit „strange“ like in his own world when working.
  4. ... interesting stuff. kind of. i read about the story that thom was accused of cheating on his wife when she was ill with cancer but i don‘t know how reliable that source was. maybe there was a lot of sciolism in that story. who knows. maybe they ended their love relationship a long time ago and just have been good friends for years. so when she was diagnosed with cancer thom already got his new partner (partners) but of course still cared for the mother of his children. that stuff with underage girls is something i just can‘t believe. is the redditor the only source? for example there is this women on twitter. elans pritchard is here name. i don‘t know but she seems mentally ill. poor soul. about two years ago or so she posted over 50 tweets a day talking to thom or jonny about how bad they treat her and that they (she and them sometimes jonny sometimes thom) are a couple and she had to live in an airport because they told here so etc etc. maybe i got some screenshots of here activity prett weird stuff. she is still active but she doesn‘t post anything about the band anymore. long story but what i am trying to say is that stuff like that is easy made up especially with that lack of knowledge and sources 😕
  5. ... as we speek of httt. does anyone has the vinyl master as a download link? really want to see if it‘s that mich better than the standart one.
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