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  1. A document of the Kid A sessions that progress like these OK Computer ones would be totally amazing. Also on live stuff I'd love to get my hands on: More early Soundboard recordings of Talk Show Host, pre-98 when they had the total freakout ending. I don't think I've ever heard a version that quite matches the one I saw live to end the main set in Detroit in '97. Soundboard recordings from the 2002 HTTT Iberian tour shows Soundboard recordings from the 2006 In Rainbows warmup tour. We have some audience gems, though. Bonnaroo '06 was classic, but doesn't capture the experimentalism of the rest of the non-festival tour. (San Diego fan-made DVD is my favorite.) Soundboard recording of the 2016 London Roundhouse shows. These shows were famously streamed by the band for the AMSP record store release but NO ONE RECORDED THE STREAM! Selections were hand-picked by Jonny and rumored to contemplated for released (but scrapped) Soundboard recordings from the American 2018 AMSP leg. This was the best sounding leg of this three-year tour odyssey from the band. Thom sounded great. Again, some really amazing audience recordings exist--but the tour's not complete. And, from my perspective there is no definitive document.
  2. Eh, I haven't made it very far because I've got a lot of life happening. But, I can assure you its worth the time to even hear the lowlights, IMO. You really get an up close picture of the evolution of the sessions and arrangements that's far beyond what highlights or the OKNOTOK tape could reveal. As a fan of the band, it is an endeavor worth the effort. (Again, IMO.) But, if you're just sticking around for the highlights--there's those too. The "lift" versions on discs 15 and 16 are a good place to start. Far better than anything we've ever heard.
  3. I've been saying this all along. You've been a contributor to the radiohead community for decades. You've had clear principles that you abide by--and some people have always had issues with them but its not like they've ever changed over the years. This leak doesn't align with how you've been over 20+ years, in my view. How do you like the recordings, though?
  4. So it has been a while since the tour--and we've got a Thom Yorke tour about to kick off. The first post in this thread doesn't include a complete list of the recordings circulating. What do people see as the essential recordings from Radiohead in 2018? Or the AMSP era in general? (VPC had a reddit thread that got me thinking about it.) I guess my personal favorite right now is probably the Cincinnati Schoeps recording. Runners up might be the Chicago 2 nights and Edgar's Philly 1/MSG 3 recordings. I'm not sure there are any Boston/Toronto/Pittsburgh recordings circulating, but those were also some great sets.
  5. I don't think you'll have trouble getting help seeding! Thanks for recording. I was at both of those shows. I'm happy to help in any way with distribution.
  6. And things were going so well...
  7. I'll try to get around to explaining it soon, once I get all these summer grades submitted. @hysterical.useless did a nice job above, however. I'm surprised to see such support! In the radiohead fan circles I've run in in the past, Backdrifts appreciation was not so widely shared.
  8. I'll dip my toe in this thread: Backdrifts > Gloaming
  9. My point above was an observation about the taper community that we have--and the norms it has in it. I wasn't trying to admonish you or pass judgement so much as note that this is a likelihood given the circumstances. I'm certainly not dimishing the work of mastering--nor the idea that it can improve a taper's audio. But, if you're going to be part of a community (that is, radiohead/internet live taper community), it's probably worth knowing the norms in the culture, which in this case would mean sending a message to the taper and getting a blessing before sharing an edited version of the work.
  10. That's very far from the truth.
  11. I almost posted to ask you if you had contacted the taper. Generally, that's the right move. You can edit the recording for personal use, but if you're going to edit someone else's work, make sure they are comfortable with it before you go live. Almost always you'll get the green light--but if you don't take the step to communicate, it could be bad. And, by bad, I mean tapers not releasing their work in the future.
  12. Can we get a multimedia subform, @adriaan @Beachbum?
  13. All the videos of the shows are still up on Radiohead's YouTube.
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    Hi all! Does this thing work w tapatalk?
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