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  1. sorry for my broken english, I must've been either busy or tired writing that post... 1. I meant he was reluctant to give a time frame. 2. the question was directly about the tour, and I assume his response was about that specifically but it somehow seemed tied to the album not being quite ready yet. 3. correct! going OUT on a limb / speculating. woops!
  2. ed was very adamant to give a time frame when I asked him, but he sort of gave away it won't be soon and that the tour won't be next year. going on a limb, as per usual radiohead fan practice, this makes sense with possible radiohead sessions in the middle.
  3. mixing kid a not a dik.
  4. if they keep touring, I'll keep traveling and I'll find more chances to meet some of you :flowers: ?
  5. thanks! that's the one I was referring to... it's one of those ugly EMI reissues not authorized by the band, which makes it even funnier.
  6. yeah, I was too busy putting the show together to actually try and meet up people. I even had to decline lunch with some long time friends from other south american countries. there was a small fan gathering the weekend before the show and some fans from abroad joined us... but other than that, there was way too much going on and my mind was racing non-stop. easily the best I've ever felt while working, of course.
  7. that's what I'm talking about!
  8. multi-cam version of the lima show, with taper audio. credits in the video.
  9. or just a soundboard recording of a live take or rehearsal, like some of the stuff on the OKNOTOK cassette.
  10. I'm very curious about the self-produced stuff and the spike stent sessions they had for in rainbows, before they went on tour. I'm sure they thought those versions were not good enough back in the day, but maybe there's a handful of good material lying around?
  11. kid a reissue should be a 10-track album, but all alternate versions.
  12. > at ease accompanied by a sense of calm
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