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  1. Oh dear. I was hoping this place had improved since all the scumbags went to The Annex, but it's just awful now. Signing off.
  2. HOLY SHIT IT'S REAL I GOT AN INTERVIEW ON WEDNESDAY no not really, the company doesn't exist.
  3. If you haven't listened to all fourteen versions of I Promise then don't even bother calling yourself a Radiohead fan.
  4. Yeah I mean it's obviously a spoof. Any HR person would know that CRB checks haven't existed for at least three years (they're called DBS checks now). Also the company doesn't exist.
  5. edit: seems you guys already know about the texts
  6. This is true. ICBA but someone should dig up the NME article somebody wrote about the old Atease. There were some proper, proper scumbags on this site.
  7. Oh yes, Thom handing out newspapers in the middle of London, freaking out whenever the filthy plebs made physical contact.
  8. In terms of Bloom we've got the album version, a couple of remixes on the TKOLRMX thing, the orchestral version for the BBC and (the best version by far) the Basement version. I think that's enough for what is a middling song.
  9. What we have on these minidiscs is about a dozen live performances, all more or less exactly the same in terms of song structure and lyrics. If you check out the gigography for 1996 it's played at almost every show. Perhaps it's another one that suffered from the "Sulk" effect - a band favourite and potential new single at the start of the sessions, but a little out-of-place and boring by the album's completion.
  10. Hit the nail on the head. Minidisc had editing capabilities that other portable formats didn't.
  11. Probably for the same reason they didn't put The Bends or High and Dry on Pablo Honey? Didn't fit, too good to remain as a mere b-side, and just kinda got left behind as the band completely changed their style for Kid A.
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