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  1. Thanks. I bought a ticket and watched it on the stream first. It was worth it, but I'm glad to have a video to keep permanently. 'Skating' sounded great. Repeat listens are going to be good fun, processing the rest of it -- guitars, quite rocky, some fairly short and punchy tracks. Impressed by Thom's bass skills. And it'll be interesting to see where this project goes next.
  2. Not a huge thing, but I sort of feel like posting something -- anything -- here that is actually about Radiohead multimedia... A few more things have been added to the Public Library. I can't remember exactly what was there before, but I think these are new(ish) on that page, although some were on YouTube already. 2008: 93 Ft East and Santa Barbara. (Also 2008 Sao Paolo and 2009 Buenos Aires -- were they there already?) 2011: Roseland Ballroom. (Just listening: nice gig, they play Staircase and debut Supercollider). And 2010 LA ("For Haiti") -- was that there before? 2017: Tel Aviv. 2
  3. In terms of vids, I think just about everything is here https://www.radiohead.com/library#bends
  4. I was on bleep.com and I typed "Radiohead" into the search box and this came up. (This is all there is: if you click on it, it just says "Page Not Found"...) So... maybe some product details will be out soon, although I kind of assumed the release would not be until October. Naming it that way also appears to suggest that there will be a Kid A thing, as opposed to a combined Kid A/Amnesiac thing. (Personally, I'd like to see them packaged as a double-album)
  5. Full transcript of that interview is here. I enjoyed the anecdote about Jonny taking Nigel into a really high-end hi-fi store and Nigel getting angry about them stocking gear that cost more than the tape machine he uses in the studio : https://citizeninsane.eu/media/usa/radio/07/i06a_2006-06-18_cpr.htm
  6. This still works, I think: http://atease.radioheadnews.com/topic/317-hq-rip-of-two-feet-off-the-ground/?do=findComment&comment=13241
  7. If anyone could share these with me, I would be very grateful. (I'm hoping I won't have to go looking to see if soulseek even still exists :)) Thanks.
  8. Someone on reddit has posted an mp3 rip of Ladies & Gentlemen. Rip quality is OK. Track sounds decent:
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