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  1. Ed in an interview earlier this year: But Thom has spoken several times of going through old material and planning to "do something really cool with it" so this apparent cancellation is surprising. Stanley also spoke of working on something "top secret" that sounded suspiciously Radioheadish to me. Perhaps covid made it all too hard and they'll do something for the 25th anniversary instead.
  2. "Sorry babe, gonna have to postpone the wedding. A reissue of one of my albums is coming out"
  3. Radiohead get 65 articles written about them every time Colin sneezes, and Kid A is a major album. Possibly bigger these days, legacy-wise, than OKC now it's had 20 years of influence to set in. A reissue will sell well.
  4. In this interview with Stanley from May this year, he says he is working on something "utterly secret", then avoids the question when asked if he's doing anything for Radiohead. By avoids the question I mean he just goes "aaaaa!". I am sure something is coming, though it might not be for a while yet for all we know.
  5. Yeah he was an engineer on loads of RH records. Just never heard about these later "B-side sessions" for Amnesiac before.
  6. What do we know about these extra sessions? I assumed the B-sides were just more tracks that came out of the whole Kid A/Amnesiac recording period.
  7. What do we know about these extra sessions? I assumed the B-sides were just more tracks that came out of the whole Kid A/Amnesiac recording period.
  8. Just for the record, it was soon discovered that that guy was talking 100% horseshit.
  9. I am in the camp that hopes they do the sorta obvious thing of releasing Kid A and Amnesiac as a combined double album. Releasing them as separate albums back in the day was the right thing to do, but there's no chance of overwhelming people this time round, we've had 20 years to adjust to these albums. Part of the reissue concept is to acknowledge the studio sessions and the behind-the-scenes stuff, so releasing them simultaneously as a single object reflects the fact that Kid A and Amnesiac were recorded simultaneously. And just the idea of having a monolithic Radiohead double album is exciting, isn't it?
  10. I will be satisfied with nothing less than 16 hours of material.
  11. The way he says this, and the fact that the sample went uncredited, makes me worry Thom didn't realise that Colin put a sample of an old Isaac Hayes record on it.
  12. The police don't say the suspect did that.
  13. username: NigelG pass: WhatWouldTrevorHornDo
  14. Someone may have been arrested for the hack, but there are no further details yet. https://www.pcmag.com/news/370751/hacker-arrested-for-stealing-unreleased-songs-from-top-artis
  15. This is why no one should be making assumptions about when Man of War was recorded based on Thom's voice.
  16. Just listened to All I Need for the first time in ages. Must have heard this song a trillion times and never noticed before how the mixing changes on the drums in the second verse. The treble goes way up so the hihats sound all sparkly, easy to notice if you A/B. I love noticing little production details like that.
  17. But I don't think collectors buying this are doing it because they finally found a way to give money to charity.
  18. Thom has them taken care of.
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