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  1. Time is running out for us
  2. Right on. Bring this Goliath of a board back by any means necessary !
  3. Boogersugar


    Wow. I didn’t know atease was back a year ago. It’s so nice to see all of you again.
  4. Classic kiks not realizing it wasn’t spoken word...
  5. Totally ready for the new LP but didn’t think we’d actually get a good solo effort in between. Maybe Ed will blow our socks off next.
  6. I don’t care as long as it’s better than TKOL.
  7. I’ve been inside Thom for a while 👃
  8. I’m seriously considering driving to see Thom solo. Honestly never thought the day would come after being let down by Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.
  9. Dawn Chorus is superb. I thought it would be crap reading it was spoken word.
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