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  1. the fuck is wrong with you new people
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  2. my take is that everyone should buy this record as its fucking awesome
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  3. Wow that everything in this right place sounds awesome maybe I’ll buy this
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  5. Isn’t the above poster a bot?
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  6. All that digging through the archives to just tweet 5 photos.
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  7. All that digging through the archives and maybe they ended up thinking it all just sounded really bad and reminded them of a strained time within the band and decided not to do anything with it.
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  9. Oh man that jacket is just straight atrocious. Too much money squire.
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  10. https://old.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/1vhr1j/the_local_movie_theater_has_a_great_design_for/
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  12. If they loved us we've have kid a stems ❤️
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  13. I think they are truly dumbasses for sitting on this version of lift then releasing the shittiest version on oknotok
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  14. Remember when Juju Boa stalked that pub owner in Oxford because he heard that Colin used to hang around there sometimes
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  15. LOL, cheers guys man i had a meltdown when they published that. Dude kept in so many negative remarks I made about myself, which is stupid for me to say that but I never thought anything of it, I was just chatting casually...until I read this dude write about four variations on "yeah I was fucking shite" had to scramble to get them to take loads out. sheesh
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  16. And once again, I think the melodies not being timeless "good" melodies is Thom's intentions
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  17. "the singer succumbed to the advances of the girl from the Carrubbella district of the Norman town, first meeting her parents in a bar in the square of Monreale " Like in the Godfather? "Tommino" - this is what the future mother-in-law apparently calls him". Looks like Tommino is not gearing up for Kid A/Amnesiac.
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