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  1. All that digging through the archives to just tweet 5 photos.
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  2. All that digging through the archives and maybe they ended up thinking it all just sounded really bad and reminded them of a strained time within the band and decided not to do anything with it.
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  3. I had a good anniversary, listened to the album, the BBC session (the closest thing we have to Kid A From the Basement), a few shows like Goffert Park. Isn't it weird though. The one album they did revisit and "celebrate" is OK Computer. The album that nearly broke them. The albatross. The nervous breakdown machine. The critical darling. Can't wait for the Hail to the Thief box set! Nothing for In Rainbows.
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  4. Hmmm...wonder if its JonJon on Rhoades in Morning bell recording or if thats him just showing them different top angles
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