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  3. What's great is that the day it's released they are going to release a Follow Me Around video. We know it's the long version with a drum machine and Ed on Bass Guitar. Beryl is going to make her panties wet. Sorry, Beryl if you see this but it's your favorite song and you will have to keep your panties from slipping when they release the Follow Me Around video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POmiH-DvJ1U&lc=Ugw6jMDDf_oSnmHULe14AaABAg.8GcWqOHc7Ax9SZyUB1b4IL
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  5. Donwood's "Swifts Hollow" at slowly downward. https://slowlydownward.co.uk/swifts-hollow and "Watching" at the lost domain https://www.thelostdomain.art/?utm_term=0_ef634c4c8c-cc9f7eefe5-208092347&mc_cid=cc9f7eefe5&mc_eid=45ab4185c4 "This print is called 'WATCHING', and is the fifth print to be released through The Lost Domain. There is an intention here to emphasise the fact that we need to take care of our environment, to look after the world that we live in and not blunder around destroying it for the sake of shiny gadgetry, illusory financial incentives, high-octane status symbols and other fripperies of our culture. Some may disagree with me; and yes, what do I know? I admit I am merely a 53 year old human who likes trees and has read a number of books."
  6. I wonder if that thing about the chap floating down the Liffey for a video a couple of years ago does end up being something for this release? If so, I guess we can expect lots more videos
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnhKaCjCIqM If You Say the Word MV premiering in 2 days
  8. After scrolling through all the offerings in the Coda Collection (via Prime) there are some From The Basement shows, but the sole RH appears identical to be identical to what we've already seen (anyone buy into Coda? Too lazy to even join for a free trial). Nothing tempting (Booger, there is a PJ Harvey FTB, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKWUs4tdV08 but that four song set is online already), and we've seen the Thom Yorke session. FTB artists: https://fromthebasement.co.uk/artists/ do i need to watch old shows (Hendrix, etc), no not really. Coda to me is a bust, and old timey thinking, off the biggest Bezos platform but to bring this around to topic, no unreleased Up on the Ladder or FMA video from Nigel; so here's to FMA on the anniversary release, which I foolishly failed to anticipate despite ALL THE SIGNS
  9. Six Kid A paintings to be sold by Christies. Oh how far afield Stanley. https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/christie-s-will-partner-with-radiohead-s-thom-yorke-to-present-artworks-by-stanley-donwood-created-for-the-album-kid-a-2000--864221353.html The paintings by Donwood will be offered in First Open: Post-War and Contemporary Art, online for global bidding from 5 to 19 October 2021, with estimates beginning at £10,000
  10. https://www.thebookseller.com/news/canongate-announces-two-new-books-radiohead-1278778 "The work chronicles their obsessions at the time: minotaurs, genocide, maps, globalisation, monsters, pylons, dams, volcanoes, locusts, lightning, helicopters, Hiroshima, show homes and ring roads. What emerges is a deeply strange portrait of the years at the commencement of this century. A time that seems an age ago – but so much remains the same. It also features a dialogue between Yorke and Donwood about the creative process and a specially commissioned essay, "Kid Alphabet", by Gareth Evans about Radiohead’s body of work.
  11. Ziggurats are totally on brand for the band I can't say that about any other band I Iisten to An artist created a 7-level bronze mandala ziggurat which was shown at the Rubin Museum. <-- random
  12. I could only justify the $20 book this time. Lets hope that Kid Amnesae is worth it. Maybe its better than we expect but going to hold my breath. It would have to be pretty great to justify no Amazing Sounds of Orgy. And we all know the band hates Fog-- but Worrywort getting a snub too.?
  13. Who cares about this shit? 7” labels, purple vinyl. Vinyl enthusiasts are so weird. Who fuckin cares. (Garbage reissue)
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  15. So it looks like I read too much into the 7" center label part of the description for the vinyl set. I thought it meant there would be a playable groove at the center of each record, but it's just a smaller than traditional label. I thought the pictures even showed a groove there, but I checked my AMSP vinyl after seeing this post on the Steve Hoffman forums, and there's just blank vinyl that the label doesn't fully cover. Looks like no hidden b sides after all :(
  16. i would guess that the recordings that will appear in the exhibit world are ones that would be best presented that way rather than as tracks to click and listen!! i read on one of the pages that the exhibit is a digital/analogue universe, which may or may not mean that it is a large environment, so if the recordings play in specific locations, there could be quite a few in there!
  17. Also a Reddit refugee here. Glad to be back and see activity again. This place was scary this Winter. Anyone know how to get notifications for new posts? Brushing off the message board cobwebs in 2021..
  18. I remember hearing about those parties but I am a hick in Maine and was 17. So jealous. edit: omg I hate that Radiohead subreddit so much. A bunch of zoomers with memes, and omg did you know that there is an In Rainbows disc 2? Constant memes. Terrible the lot of them.
  19. Ah yes the beanbags! I seem to remember a lot of red in the room, possibly the beanbags possibly not. As I couldn’t remember the timeline I did a bit of wayback machine work and the FMA news page informs me that this was held on 17th August. Waste organised it so management were definitely involved but I bet Parlophone were there too. Seems like 50 people got tickets for it overall so we did pretty well! I and a few friends had organised a holiday to Italy around the second Florence gig so I’d heard a good selection of the songs at that gig by the time of the playback. I’d also hammered Napster and edonkey just before leaving for the holiday to make sure we were all up to date. There was still a lot to take in from the playback though. I can remember being pretty floored by How to Disappear and those strings. Don’t remember being canvased for opinion afterwards but it may still have happened. A truly great gig and experience and a pretty great summer and autumn all told music wise
  20. Yes, I went to the Kid A listening party in Camden. As I recall, they did a few 'sessions' over the course of the morning or day, and I think there were supposed to be about 30 people there, but only 5 turned up to this session. It was a weekday morning, which may help to explain the number of no-shows. One person had been to the Meltdown Festival show and warned us that the material was going to be very different from OKC. I don't think I had heard much of the bootlegs of the live material at that point, except maybe one of How to Disappear from 1998. There were bean bags to sit on and they played the record through wireless headphones. They did a session for journalists the following day. I never figured out whether the people running it were part of Radiohead's management or from Parlophone. Anyway, they briefly asked for our thoughts at the end, but I couldn't say anything of substance. (I was 15 years old then; I don't think I said anything of substance about many things...) I liked it, I was intrigued by it, but it was definitely different from what I thought it might be, where I guessed they might go based on OKC and its b-sides and the material in Meeting People is Easy. There was a guy there who was really disappointed and said he'd just been waiting for the guitars to kick in. I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't ready to make any sense of it after a single listen. It was really exciting to get to hear it before almost anyone else. But, in retrospect, going to the big-tent gig in London that September (the first time I had seen them) was a much bigger deal for me -- a really euphoric experience. By the way, this article mentions a rooftop listening party for journalists in New York. https://grantland.com/hollywood-prospectus/how-radioheads-kid-a-kicked-off-the-streaming-revolution/ My guess would be that they did one for fans there, also.
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