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  2. no reason to suspect they recorded anything new for this. it's stuff dug up from the original sessions.
  3. I’m sure I remember them saying Pulk/Pull came from them doing an electronic version of TLW in that period when Nigel banned their traditional instruments, so I assume it’s from the time. Following what happened with Man o War you can never be sure though
  4. Last week
  5. I wonder if those Pull/Pulk and LSP versions were done during Kid A or if Nigel and Thom did them for this release...
  6. Kid A plus: Thom Yorke in 2002 JON SUPER/GETTY IMAGES Jonathan Dean Saturday October 23 2021, 11.01pm GMT, The Sunday Times Twenty-one years ago Radiohead were a melancholic, if thrilling, guitar band in their pomp, surfing on the success of The Bends and OK Computer. Then they released their fourth album, Kid A, which crashed the wave and lost them a lot of fans. Why? It did not have many guitars on it. No wonder Radiohead were bored of guitars. Guitar music was in a rut. Like a gun in the wrong hands, it was not so much the instrument that was to blame, but the people using it. The ghastly US genre of nu-metal — violence, baseball caps — was the six-string music of the time, while younger pretenders such as Coldplay and Travis had listened to Radiohead, figured their ballads sold best and launched careers off the back of them. So Radiohead pivoted. Frontman Thom Yorke immersed himself in the textures of electronic music, while Jonny Greenwood delved into the curveball classical scores that would lead to him being one of Hollywood’s most revered composers. The result was Kid A and, a year later, another album, Amnesiac. Stadium hits such as Creep or Karma Police were replaced with distorted brass, ambience and glitch. It was exhilarating — it sounded futuristic then and still sounds futuristic now. What’s more, Radiohead won. In 2009, at Reading festival, when they opened with Creep and segued into the raucous jazz of Kid A’s The National Anthem, the crowd sang along to both. To celebrate Kid A’s coming-of-age, at 21, Radiohead are releasing a box set combining that album and Amnesiac; Kid A Mnesia. There is also an exhibition and book of the artwork, plus a video game. But the real gem for fans is a bonus disc, with 12 tracks that provide a tantalising glimpse of an alternative past for alternative music — with some of the songs suggesting Kid A and Amnesiac could have been more commercial than they were. The original Amnesiac, for instance, has a song called Like Spinning Plates; four minutes of digitally-reversed music, like wind escaping through a car window, with Yorke’s distorted voice. It evokes a mood, but, live, Yorke played a gorgeous piano take. On the newly released version those two streams join — piano and sonic mush — and the result is stunning. The omission of this beautiful song from the original album shows a band hellbent on challenging what people thought they were. The same can be said of another new version, Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version), a rendition of the most extreme electronic song on Amnesiac, but with the classic Radiohead piano ballad True Love Waits sung over the top. The best bonus is a studio version of Follow Me Around, a live song sung for so long it once had a line about Tony Blair. It is guitar-led and mid-paced, with a soaring chorus; alien to Yorke at the turn of the century when he said: “I’d completely had it with melody.” The Blair line has gone, with the lyrics now focusing on Yorke’s own dread. That angst is, to many, Radiohead in a nutshell, but so much of Kid A was about abstract lyrics. Follow Me Around was too direct. “Nowadays, I get panicked/ I ceased to exist,” he sings. The track encapsulates that era — it is a brilliant song made at the wrong time, by a band who had moved on and who, eventually, moved a lot of fans with them too. Because Kid A was not just pop music; it was about educating fans in what pop music could be. You know, like the Beatles did. Extraordinary extras Kid A Mnesia by Radiohead One edition of the upcoming reissue will include a cassette of B-sides. Anyone got a tape player? ____________________ FMA guitar and mid-paced Pulk/Pull (a rendition or the studio version?) with TLW vocal track on top LSP electronic plus piano Coming soon!
  7. 🎶Yeah, yeah, I was an angel before a third of the stars fell Cast with the sternum from Satan into the pit of hell Our beloved leader forced to be a bottom-feeder The great deceiver that promised victory over the monkey lovers We took a vote to restructure and traitors fell upon him We ripped his skin off and crowned a new son in the morning A new president to lead our corporation The vengeance on God and Heaven’s domination But I seduced the daughters of man and made the Nephilim I demanded human sacrifice from the rest of them I became the spirit that tortured and protected them And I built them the tower of language that connected them And then the Lord cried, water falling out from his eyes And my children died drowning in the tears from the sky And it was then that Satan crawled back to me with a plan A design for the ultimate corruption of man See back then we used to set the chosen ones on fire You really think God only sent a single messiah? And so we allowed the birth of many prophets on earth And since the followers were human they were born with a curse They began to claim superiority to their brothers And for eighty-five thousand years conquered each other And when they prayed before battle they were praying to me Killing in God’s name cause war is my destiny!🎶 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2r8kBnGtAU
  8. The Times review is in but it's behind a paywall. Someone on reddit has posted some tidbits. https://www.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/qepyrk/a_new_review_of_kid_amnesia_in_the_times_uk/
  9. I don’t know but there were also other accounts blocked posting similar things as dress, so if it was Ash, that means they all came from the same IP Address. Whoever was posting from that IP Address was freaking nuts and it took me many private messages to Ade and a suspension to finally get it blocked. I don’t know how it works so it’s over me. I hope it wasn’t Ash because he was always crazy but not that crazy to spam the board with three or more accounts with right wing propaganda. He was blocked from the Annex too though, so. I don’t know.
  10. So Ash was dress...Not entirely surprising..
  11. I know, I was joking as well. I truly am (cautiously) excited for this as we move closer to Nov 5.
  12. Ah it was just a bit of fun as “bleep bloop” was such an old skool attack on Radiohead circa Kid A / Amnesiac. I just pulled out one of the other oft shouted things, it wasn’t said in relation to your FMA comment
  13. I think Ash was banned for having the same IP as dress, meaning Ash = dress. Ade wouldn’t ban an active, long standing member like Ash without reason. It sucks that he’s not here and I remember seeing his posts from very early on (I’ve actively lurked these and similar forums since the Planet Telex days c. 1996). Honestly, it’s so much better now without the antivax memes and the trolling.
  14. Ah, in honour of the anniversary are we bringing back all the old Kid A / Amnesiac criticisms too? 😜 BUT WHERE ARE THE GUITARS!!!
  15. Lol what fuckin single. oh here’s a finger picked FMA. oh here’s an “untitled” instrumental bleep bloop squiggle oh here’s the string section from HDTC GARBAGE reissue begets GARBAGE single great art tho
  16. Just realized that rubbish interviewer is Gareth Evans, who has written the "specially commissioned essay, Kid Alphabet" which will appear in the KID A MNESIA HARDBACK ART CATALOGUE I've ordered 😆
  17. So if this is legit then there is at least some stuff in the game we haven't heard. I'm looking forward to it regardless just for the sheer novelty.
  18. from Reddit, not sure if it's legit or not... could very easily just be educated guesses tbh I've been in contact with someone who knows what some of the Kid Amnesiae songs are. Here's what I know now: Like Spinning Plates (Why Us) is the "dodgy kraftwerk" version of I Will Pulk/Pull TLW Version might be the "tape loop" version of True Love Waits from the OKNOTOK Cassette with the vocal track on! Untitled V2 is Momentum, has an alternate version in the game Morning Bell In The Dark is the Paris version No word yet on any of the other ones, including whether or not there's a large amount of new material in the game.
  19. I for one cannot wait to rip the 96 kbps audio files from the game and enjoy in their high-fidelity goodness.
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