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  3. He printed 1,000 copies of his proposal, titled Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform
  4. Harvey Francis Barnard (1941–2005), a Louisiana State University graduate in systems philosophy, and an engineering consultant and teacher, created the NESARA proposal during the late 1980s and early 1990s.[2] He printed 1,000 copies of his proposal, titled Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform (1996), and sent copies to members of Congress, believing it would pass quickly on its merits. Based on a theory that debt is the number one economic factor inhibiting the growth of the economy, and compound interest the number one "moral evil" and reason for debt, Barnard made several o
  5. NESARA https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NESARA National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy. The proposals were never introduced before Congress. NESARA has since become better known as the subject of a cul
  6. No way, dude/dudette it totally reads like your being belligerent and I’m finally drawn to unpack what’s going on😅 Women just especially hate this whole topic but whatever. I guess we just have to pretend that the fact that the women in question has spent half her life testifying as to what exactly happened to her bares no grounds whatsoever. Believe the victims except when you believe the claim is concentric to a conspiracy theory and then outright dismiss them without looking into it, all while bemoaning a giant hypocritical stance on respect for women, misogyny, gender issues or
  7. Sorry about the multiple posts! I wasn’t getting them through and now apparently a lot of it got posted anyway. If anyone can advise on how to delete the extraneous ones I can do that. With regard to your most recent messages - I’m sorry you’ve had such bad experiences with women not supporting your interest in insane conspiracies regarding female genital mutilation. I’m sorry you feel confused and apparently worried that I would want to call you a psycho. Do people call you that a lot? Women’s vaginas are all very different. I don’t look at dicks and assume the taper
  8. Who said anything about the rights to discuss anything on that subject. It’s simply strange that you don’t see mutilation. As far as women not digging this whole issue. I just see a lot of that. Sorry. Now I’m a little perplexed as to whether you are indeed an upset women or a man making an awkward satellite argument around this whole thing though. The former would be understandable to me. The latter would be really awkward and weird and especially bogus to go along in context with not really following anything I’m sharing closely .
  9. At least we know where you stand with regard to women and their relationship with their own bodies. With regard to your previous message about “digging up emails”, please don’t feel obligated. Obviously I will not read or consider them. And I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of “vag”. Well done!
  10. Oh yeah. Cus I was bragging. And not just perplexed as to how you see a normal vag that has not been cut. Ill admit this much: I don’t think women deal well with or identify psychopathy when it’s in their midst. That is from observation and personal experience. (Cue you calling me a psycho now, it’s fine go ahead) And I do believe there is a lot of propaganda to throw masculine protective instincts under the bus currently for that very reason. Why else is it people’s first go to when they won’t even look at info. Also what lady wants to look at this sordid crap. I get it partially
  11. Openly admits that they Openly admits that they won’t read a single thing I post and changes the subject by objectifying me as a red hat boogie man. Well done.
  12. It’s well known by law enforcement that pedos use code words. That much is hardly a fantastical concept. I’ve spent a lot of time with the drag community in Chicago. Dated a queen. I’m pretty aware. I’m also aware of how overboard this identity’s obsession has gotten and how it seems to be used to divide and distract people. Example here.
  13. Yeah, I don’t think women can handle this one. It’s too twisted.
  14. Awareness is the key word here, I encourage you to try it some time. And it’s relevant here because you keep referring to me as a dude, bucko. I’m sure being considerate of other people is just another nail in the coffin of your good ole fashioned world view, but ehh... sorry, I guess?
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