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  2. Honestly not sure. Either there's a leak or I handed another clip off to somebody and don't remember. Entirely possible.
  3. funny thing is, I only remember you releasing 2 clips publically, and a 3rd one that's stitched onto this seemed to come out of nowhere. as I assume you're the only person who has hands on this, when did that part come to light? it's the 1st part of this YouTube video.
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  5. Just to add my weight to the chorus of thanks. This was becoming such a weird place to even check in on. Bring on some actual Radiohead discussion! Happy Friday!
  6. Is it over? Oh my word i think its over. Thank you!
  7. Ash, (or whatever aliias you must use) Listen, baby... It ain't our fault your daddy didn't hug you... and it's not our problem that you never got help in processing your daddy issues... but don't you ever think to yourself "Damn, I lead a boring life, and maybe I can find something better to do with it other than trolling a Radiohead forum?" Get well soon, you impotent turd.
  8. Ash, you're boring. But you've heard that before. Repeatedly. Your whole life.
  9. Every cultish GOP poster here is basically Scott Tenorman.
  10. this is actually the one and only CONSERVATIVE radiohead board on the online! but unlike the libby turds? WE WELCOME ALL! come one! come all! to the snowman's balle!
  12. damn you ade! 😠 GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS!!!!!
  14. esspect... the un-sexpest: (ED!) 😠
  15. I'm also tired of the Tiktoks but I'm not expecting anythng until Oct/Nov.
  16. forget wake me, i’m still hoping one day i can hear that present tense version hoserama has recorded. if it sounds anything like the mexico soundcheck itβ€˜s one of radioheads beautifulst songs never recorded.
  17. Nope, nothing beyond a 2-3 hour drive.
  18. making up for lost time NICE traveling far?
  19. I have almost 15 shows lined up in the next 3 months. Although I worry that I'm biting off more than I can chew, but yes, very eager.
  20. are you eager to get your gear back in action at live music events
  21. well you could remedy that with a release of the full version, yes?
  22. https://atease.radioheadnews.com/topic/260-kid-aamnesiac-20th-anniversary-reissue/?tab=comments#comment-6737 in case anyone wants to read through 23 pages of rubbish precious insights πŸ˜† Board Refresh I'm pretty sick of the Tik Tok Chieftan Mews teasers I will say that.
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