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what the? MORE on a friday?!

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why did nobody damn tell me!


I swear I don't remember any damn thread on old tease about either of these 2


thing the first:


1986 Durmo feat. the missing tracks / remixes / version!



but even crazier?



what the hell


every damn time a demo is uncovered A NEW ONE POPS UP THAT WAS NOT KNOWN ABOUT!


what the hell! this I swear has happened like 5 times now?


first the early OaF shit... then the 14 tracker around... 03ish leaked? … then we get the 1988 3 tracker / happy (hippie song!) … THEN the super earliest and now again with it!

Medicine Songs [1987]


1 Fragile Friend  
2 Mr Celebate  
3 Stone  
4 Sweet Justice  
5 Letter For Upstairs  
6 Fat Girl  
7 To Be A Brilliant Light  
8 A Cigarette  
9 For God's Sake  
10 Down The Roof  
11 Everybody Knows  
12 When You get To Rio  
13 What You Don't Know  
14 Talk About It  



weird what they chose to rehash! … A CIGARETTE! (for god's sake!) …. Mr. Celeb Bit!




now we just need to find out about some damn secret ANOTHER DEMO from say 1989!


oh I don't know... 1985 somehow!







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nobody damn told me!


why didn't anyone TELL me?





and no one cares!


that's the real sad thing!


the worst was 

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20 minutes ago, Mr. Nice said:

Image result for nanalan gif

What's your day job?

You're half naked right?

You're playing with yourself aren't you?

Do you have your hand firmly placed inside a hand puppet?

Are you touching your penis with it?

You're being very naughty.

Silly, silly boy ?


@Ash save us all

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