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Official LP10 Speculation Thread

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I hope they find the energy in the studio again. For me TKOL and AMSP were very sterile. I think Nigel thinks stripping the energy away makes it more elegant or something. It just makes everything sno

supercollider annoys me i nthe same way as present tense there's a gorgeous song stripped there... under all that..... ..........stuff

i am listening to radiohead

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13 minutes ago, chernobyl2 said:

isn't slowdive's producer one of RH's managers?

This beggeth the question So What

Let's examine the root cause.

I am starving for water in the desert.

Lilt won't fucking do



But I do think they collaborate with eachother and that's hard enough. I mean, what other musicians can be added? Unless they're purely functionary like Clive Deemer who I must admit is fucking brilliant yet is ultimately part of making a fruity loops album real



Disgraceful this bleep blip thread thread was disgraced by a fake rumour!

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On 10/19/2020 at 2:26 AM, PackofSandwiches said:

Could be they just borrowed some gear since Radiohead aren't using it?

For that big upcoming comprehensive world tour they're about to go on tomorrow? All that equipment for outdoor racetrack shows and stadiums Radiohead used to play, but tomorrow, Slowdive will?

It's pretty interesting but the idea of them collaborating seems one of those moments where... their mysticism and arrogance and streamlined vibe has gone. Bit like the idea of them doing anniversary reissues. The fact it's another 90s band is all a bit corny.

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