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Amnesiac-Their “strangest album”?

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I think it is.  I’m sure others have some ideas as to why.  For one thing, I don’t think it ever would have been made if they weren’t in that particular unexpected fame spiral that they were in.  It’s like after Kid A the world said “ that’s great! You got anything else! Anything else!”  And they were just like “ uh yeah...uh here”

but the result is such a clever and fascinating packaging illusion that it almost comes out the other end into a legit great record.  And it’s where many of us, I suspect, began to fall deep into the rabbit hole.

Amnesiac is some serious Kool-Aid, let’s drink!

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It is what was left off Kid A

But its own beast

What's this I read about Hunting Bears being part of I Might be Wrong and being able to be laid over it?

I think it's a bit of a grab bag album but that adds fun. It's like how I see Hail to the Thief described: OH BUT IT HAS EVERYTHING

No. Amnesiac has the lot. Experimentation, horns, grooves, sampled bass, a three minute guitar song with zero punches pulled, a gorgeous all time classic piano ballad that is musically intense and tricksy


I enjoy this album. It has its own mood. Not sure it's all gold. I never quite loved Dullards & Sense, and I might be wrong is good but missing something. Revolving doors is just about on the edge of how experimental I like. Like spinning plates could have been wheeled in a bit, there is no going back after the live piano version


It's not kid a to me but has some fine fine moments and yes it's maybe their most varied beast

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17 hours ago, Girl in the Purple Dress said:

Knives out is simultaneously one of my most and least fav songs.  How is that possible?

It's probably the most unique song in their discography, as in it sticks out a bit. I love those shimmery nicely recorded, nicely touched up cymbals the whole way through. And the guitar sound is just so resigned... sounds like a little flat late at night with one lamp in the corner.

But it goes absolutely nowhere.

Cool album though, not amazing, but it reminds me a bit of Hail to the Thief or like Pavement's Wowee Zowee or Think Tank by Blur. No one's contending it as their best works and they've got their flaws in paper and on reality but they all feature some of those bands absolute shittest songs and 2-3 of their potential peak finest. They're fun albums to get into; I always find myself floggin em for a month and then they get forgotten for another two years.

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10 hours ago, booger bear said:

Zane that is what happens when people like me and Thom make music but I can read Alto Sax and Bass Guitar.  Though I am not an amazing musician like you are but I mean that you are a great musician and I am glad to know you.

What do you mean? 

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On 11/17/2020 at 1:24 AM, section 917 said:

But what's their "strangest" "album"??

If you worked out the average in some mathematical way, the one furthest from that would be probably Pab Lowhoney


But for my it's King of Limbs.

Thom spends three years getting into Burial, Flying Lotus and other deepstep, drops acid, goes for a walk in the forest & comes back to fire up Fruity Loops and keeps adding drumkits on the default 4/4 setup

And the result is just the band covering it. Or in the case of Ferul, Thom just gave Nigel a USB and asked, Produce THIS.


.... It's different

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