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KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

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On 8/21/2020 at 8:02 PM, Fuzzyste said:

I genuinely don't think it'll sell that much? Whilst OKC was massive don't forget loads of people still hate 'modern' Radiohead. It'll be massive with the big fans but I cant see a casual listener giving it a punt at all. 

Oh jeez man, way to bum me out when I just sank ££££ into a Kid A related release 😞

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Ed is a mouth cunt.

the fuck is wrong with you new people

Honestly, what does anybody need to happen.  Some unreleased material?  They could release I froze up along with bad versions of optimistic and true love waits anytime.  An anniversary reissue isn't n

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22 hours ago, Fuzzyste said:

It'll obviously sell to people like us but I genuinely cant see the average music fan shelling out for this...thats if we even get a psychical release. 

I mean I think it's easiest to think about it like you'd think about the TKOL Special Edition or AMSP Box Set, only the hardcores are gonna go for them, but there are enough people who want it to justify making it. 

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one day... you are gonna grow wings!


a petro-chemical reaction!

fucked like a bug in a rug!

named doug!



not so funny now is it!




honk honk!

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Kid A is our generations Dark Side of the Moon.  Okc is our Sgt. Peppers and In Rainbows...hmmm at the end of the day I’m going to have to go with Aja.   Something from it will be the sample of a hippityhop hit ten years from now and it will be the one that old hack musician geezers romanticize , while kids think it’s ok but don’t quite get it yet.

IT IS A MUCH BETTER ALBUM THAN AJA(if that needs to be clarified) but that’s the cultural slot I give it.

Side note: Rh killed led zep.  Kids who bump that are just being silly or else they’re the new genesis fans that need a tutor.

Zepplin rules 🤘🏿

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