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Ill Wind getting single release

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11 minutes ago, Duff said:

I don't get this at all. It was a sparse arrangement but that's what was so cool about it. All the elements stood out in definition. It wasn't just the jumble of noises that the studio version became. And it had contrasts! When Jonny's riff comes in on that version it's awesome.

The entire first half before the "broken hearts" breakdown feels really empty and unpolished. It doesn't really stand out until the synth kicks in, which is admittedly better in TKOL's live version.

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Man, I dig it like that. It's just percussion and voice, almost like Idioteque. And that means there's space for the vocal harmonies to flesh themselves out.

I love how skeletal it is. And that's why it's dramatic when we have guitar and bass in the second verse.

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